April 1, 2023

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Report – “My father married me for 2000 euros”: the tragedy of children sold in Afghanistan

Faced with this total desperation, more and more parents choose a radical solution, as Lisaron Boudol had already observed in her previous report: selling their very young daughter. The father of a one-year-old child who is already married for 250 euros testifies. “I had no choice, I had to sell it. To eat, I swear we only have stale bread. We soak it in water and when it becomes soft, we eat it. This is our life.He justifies. “If you were in my place, wouldn’t you have sold your daughter? Better to sacrifice one of my six children than to see them starve to death. But of course I love my little one.”, repeats. The man who bought her child would take her before winter to marry her off to his son.

Another woman next door lives in a mud hut covered with a plastic sheet. Her daughter never goes to school. “We are hungry. My father married me for 200,000 Afghanis.”, or about 2000 euros, let the child. If she feels no “not ready” To get married, she hopes to allow him to eat at least twice a day. The 7-year-old girl will soon join her 26-year-old future husband.

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