May 30, 2023

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RTL TODAY – Reopening this Tuesday: Christmas market fire not criminal, mayor reveals

Luxembourg’s mayor has ruled out a criminal trail for the fire that ignited a Christmas market this weekend. Good news, the market will reopen this Tuesday.

The cause of this fire was not criminal But a technical problem.

This was revealed in the first investigation after the Christmas market fire. Mayor Liddy Polfer said During this Monday afternoon city council meeting.

The liberal mayor says that this Tuesday, the market located near GĂ«lle Fra can reopen to the public.

As a reminder, there was a fire in the square where you can enjoy the “Kelle Frau” from Saturday to Sunday night at 1:30 p.m. Multiple levels and trees Burned by the flames.

“Many colleagues have been affected.” Kugener confirmed the restaurant in a message posted on social networks. Fortunately, “The worst“Could have been avoided. In fact, according to the emergency report, No injuries were reported in the fire.

Good news considering the damage caused by the flames. In fact, according to our information, three rooms “Completely destroyed“There was another”attacked“.

We will work together to reopen as soon as possible“The Kugener restaurant writes on Facebook, suggesting the possibility of reopening in the short term.

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