April 1, 2023

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Russia has accused the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant of launching missiles

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Live anime equivalent of Jackie Goldberg

Cover Image: A Russian soldier stands guard at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant in southeastern Ukraine in May 2022. AP

  • A strike in Central Square Gramadorsk 81 air defense official says no loss of life due to post curfewe Ukrainian regiment. Earlier, at least three strikes hit southern Kramatorsk and the city of Sloviansk in the Russian-preferred Donetsk region.
  • Separatist authorities Donetsk Four people were killed and sixteen wounded in twenty-four hours by Ukrainian shelling in the area under their control on Friday morning. They said that separatist forces were continuing to advance and were in the process of completely capturing the city of Siversk.
  • A Vinnytsia, A city far from the front linesWest of Kiev, Bombed by Russia on ThursdayThe latest estimate on Friday evening was twenty-three dead, including three children, four missing and more than two hundred injured, including four critically.
  • On Friday evening, the Ukrainian Air Force said Russian Kh-101 missiles were fired from the Caspian Sea at around 10 p.m. DniproFour of them were destroyed, but several reached an industrial site without causing any casualties.
  • Kyiv announced on Friday that it had received its first delivery M270 multiple rocket launcher In addition to the long-range artillery arsenal provided by the West, with a range of 80 kilometers.
  • Englishman Paul Ure, was captured by Russian or pro-Russian forces in April and died in custody on July 10, separatist officials said Friday, calling him a mercenary. The British NGO Presidium Network announced in late April that Mr. Two aid workers, including Ure, were arrested in southern Ukraine as they tried to evacuate a woman and two children, it said.
  • The Russian Defense Ministry said on Friday that A “End of Document” Will be ready to let soon Grain export After negotiations involving Ukraine, Moscow, Kiev, Ankara and the United Nations (UN).
  • European Union (EU) will target exportsOr Russe European Commissioner Maroz Cefcovic told Agence France-Presse on Friday that the next set of sanctions will be decided by the G7 countries at the end of June. Moscow’s best ally in Europe, the Hungarian prime minister, Victor OrbanHe called on EU leaders to overhaul their sanctions policy, which he described as“wrong”.
  • There is no overall rating Civilian casualties of conflict. The UN has counted nearly five thousand confirmed deaths, including more than three hundred children, but recognizes that the actual number is undoubtedly much higher. On top of that Military map, Western security sources now estimate between fifteen and twenty thousand Russian soldiers killed. Ukrainian forces are losing around 100 soldiers every day, kyiv reported. No independent statistics are available.
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