June 1, 2023

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Russia still bombs and advances on Donbass, with partisan activity behind its lines

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Cover image: Smoke billows from a shell attack on the city of Siverodonetsk on June 7, 2022, during fighting between Russian and Ukrainian troops. ARIS MESSINIS / AFP

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  • Ukrainian forces “Wait” SevirodonetskBut there are Russians “More and more powerful”So that is the situation “Tough” On the Eastern Front, Volodymyr Zhelensky told reporters in Kiev on Sunday.
  • “The enemy’s main efforts have accumulated” In an attempt to capture this business center and “Prevent” Ukrainian troops said in the evening in the neighboring region of Lysyansk, the Ukrainian army. “Our soldiers are in control of Siverodonetsk. Fighting continues in its eastern part.”He added in his press release.
  • Regional Governor, Serhi HaitaiHe had earlier said that the situation was there “Bad” For the Ukrainians, despite the counter-attack that made it possible to recapture half of this city. Its mayor, Alexander Stryok, told the Ukrainian independent information agency Union of his role. “Every hour the situation changed” And it“Serious street fighting” Were in operation, as well as a “Artillery Fight”. Mr. According to Haitian, the bombings intensified in the cities of Siverodonetsk and Lysyansk. “Heights” And strategy “Hold the line of defense”.
  • Anthony Blingen, the head of US diplomacy, estimates Monday, June 6th. “Reliable” Information that Russia “Wall” Ukrainian grain exports blocked due to conflict “Sell them for his own profit”. “This is all on purpose”He accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of doing so during a virtual conference on food insecurity. “Blackmail” International sanctions against the invasion of Ukraine must be lifted.
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