May 30, 2023

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Russian forces are banging



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European leaders, who met at the summit on Thursday, December 16, were alarmed to see tens of thousands of Russian troops gathering in front of the Ukrainian border.

In the Voronezh (western Russia) region, it is not necessary to look far before confronting the Russian army. About ten tankers and armored carriers arrived a few days ago and parked near a station. After all, their parking lot is near a busy road. From journalists French televisions I had the opportunity to film the loading of tanks before being stopped by a Russian soldier.

The movement of Russian forces to the west is very large, estimated at 100,000 men. On the road to Kursk (Russia), a hundred kilometers from the Ukrainian border, new units of the Russian army have now arrived. “Here, there are tanks, they are on fire”, Associated with a resident. “I think it’s safe to prevent war”, Considers a woman. “Ukraine is eight kilometers away, but we can not show what the Russians are really doing on the border. You need a specific permit to enter this area, which is forbidden to foreigners.”, Luke Logroix, Journalist French televisions, And Special Envoy to Western Russia.

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