June 3, 2023

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Russians pay tribute to soldiers killed in Ukraine attack

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23h53 : The Russian Ministry of Defense considers the use of mobile phones by Russian soldiers “Main Cause” Casualties in the strike on Makiivka. “The main reason (…) is the massive use by personnel of mobile phones within the range of enemy weapons as opposed to ignition and interception”According to General Sergei Tsevryukov.

23h47 : Russia’s Defense Ministry has now confirmed that 89 people were killed in an attack in Makhivika near Donetsk in eastern Ukraine. The previous Russian death toll was 63. Ukraine, which claimed responsibility for the strike, blamed hundreds of Russian soldiers for its part.

21h34 : Vladimir Putin has ordered his government to organize screenings in cinemas by February “Documentaries” On the Russian offensive in Ukraine. “To the Ministry of Culture to submit proposals to ensure the screening of national documentaries on cinema networks on subjects related to special military action, the fight against the spread of neo-Nazi and neo-fascist ideology”, according to the Kremlin. On several occasions, Russia has justified its aggression in Ukraine, particularly through a whim “Tenasify” Country.

6:30 p.m : “Speech” is just now on the franceinfo Twitch channel. Manon Mella joins Marianna Perebenesiuk, Franco-Ukrainian journalist and author specializing in international and security affairs Nicolas Tenzer to discuss Vladimir Putin’s strategy in Ukraine. Feel free to ask them your questions.

17h59 : How Far Will Vladimir Putin’s Terror Strategy Go in Ukraine? This is A discussion of Manon Mella’s “Speech”. This evening, with Franco-Ukrainian journalist Mariana Perebeneziuk and Nicolas Tenzer, editor of Sciences Po, specializing in international and security affairs. You can follow this discussion from 6 pm onwards. on the franceinfo Twitch channel.

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17h11 : Propaganda is in full swing in the Kremlin. Vladimir Putin instructed the Ministry of Culture to ensure the theatrical distribution of documentaries “nationals” Dedicated to “Military Operation” In Ukraine, announces the base of the Russian president. With the intention of fighting back, the government has until February 1 to formulate its plans “Against the Spread of Neo-Nazi Ideology”. A festival of patriotic documentaries should also be held.

15h54 : This morning we were talking about: Russian elected authorities have called for the withdrawal of Russian nationality from singer Valery Melets after the artist gave his support to Ukraine. In Telegram, the artist announces that he lives “with sternness and sorrow” for ten months. “The people I love the most are in a conflict, where people are dying. (…) I dream of an end to hostility, of reconciliation between neighbors, and for that I am ready to give everything. My strength.”

3:35 p.m : A torture chamber has been found in a liberated village in the Mykolaiv region, the Ukrainian Secret Service (SBU) announces. They claim that the Russian military demanded a house in Oleksandrivka to interrogate those who refused to cooperate. And according to this source, the victims were beaten, suffocated with plastic bags and subjected to electric shocks.

14h43 : Journalists from the program “Quotitiyan” on TMC, reporting on Ukraine, A few tens of meters away from them were surprised by an explosionSouth of Kramatorsk in the east of the country. “It was so loud, we had dust in our eyes and mouth. Part of the entrance to the hotel collapsed on us and the windows broke.”Reporter Paul Gasnier testified last night.

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13h52 Rallies were held in Russia today to pay tribute to soldiers killed in a Kiev-claimed strike near Donetsk in eastern Ukraine. The strike killed at least 63 people, according to Moscow, and several hundred, according to Kiev. About 200 people took part in an authorized rally in Samara, in the center of the country, where some of the soldiers were killed.

11h56 : I talked to you earlier about the explosion that happened just before a journalist’s duplex on “Quotitidian” last night. A fellow Build (Article in German)A bystander near the ice rink was slightly injured by a piece of glass.

11h49 : A Ukrainian family, from both sides of the Kherson region – free and occupied – wept together after hearing zelenskyy’s New Year’s address. Russian terrorism will not defeat us. https://t.co/lHKhBkslmq

11h49 : Unbelievable scene: Volodymyr Zelensky’s wish on a computer for a family shows, via telephone video call, a relative who lives in the occupied zone and has no access to pictures.

11:37 : #Russian representatives and campaigners called for singer Valery #Meladze to be stripped of his Russian citizenship at a corporate party in #Dubai, declaring him a “foreign agent” and chanting “Glory to heroes”. https://t.co/ZK75iDcyIy

11h54 : Russian representatives have asked authorities to withdraw Russian citizenship from singer Valery Melets. They did not appreciate the artist supporting Ukraine during the anniversary celebration in Dubai.

10h54 : A #missile explodes next to our team in Ukraine #Quotidien’s duplex in front of the duplex. Huge respect to journalists on the ground risking their lives to inform us. https://t.co/E4kUX471fe

10h54 : The audience in front of last night’s “Quotitidian” performance gasped. A missile exploded just before journalist Paul Gasnier’s duplex: “We still have trembling hands.”

09h44 : The Ukrainian secret service says it has gathered sufficient evidence against two senior Russian military officers accused of being responsible for strikes against civilian infrastructure in Ukraine. Colonel General Sergey Kopilach and Admiral Igor Osipov were the first two accused by Kyiv of bombing civilian targets. The offense is punishable with life imprisonment.

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10h14 : At this point, 3,400 Ukrainian soldiers and civilians are prisoners in Russia. According to Volodymyr Zelensky’s adviser, the media cited Saspilne (Article in Ukrainian). Alyona Verbitska says 15,000 Ukrainian citizens are missing. Since the start of the war, 1,596 Ukrainians have returned from prison, including 187 women.

07h08 : Volodymyr Zelensky expects a sustained Shahed drone attack on the country. “Only two days have passed since the beginning of this year, and the number of Iranian drones over Ukraine has already exceeded 80. The President of Ukraine explains In his last video message. This number may increase in future. Because the nights are going to be really rough these weeks.”

07h14 : This is one of the nightly news. Volodymyr Zelensky announced a summit between Ukraine and the European Union on February 3 in Kyiv. The Ukrainian president’s office notes in its press release that it aims to discuss Europe’s financial and military support.

Volodymyr Zelensky is said to have already discussed the details of the meeting with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.