June 1, 2023

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Russia’s Supreme Court has disbanded the NGO Memorial, a pillar of independence in the country

This result was studied while waiting abroad. The Supreme Court of Russia on Tuesday, December 28, announced the dissolution of the NGO Memorial, a true pillar of civil society.

“Decision to dissolve Memorial International and its regional branches”, Seconds after the Supreme Court began announcing its decision, the NGO wrote to its Telegram account.

In mid-November, the Russian Attorney General called for the dissolution of the panel, whose mission ranged from defending human rights to investigating the crimes of the Soviet regime. The document sent to the Supreme Court was then mentioned “Systematic Violations” Law on Foreign Agents. In a statement released later, the public prosecutor’s office said the NGO was working “It simply came to our notice then[gnait] Constitution “.

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These cases were seen as a new level of repression against the critical voices of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The 2012 law on foreign agents has become a very common tool of pressure against Russian civil society and the independent media, forcing companies or designated individuals to comply with a number of binding obligations.

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