June 1, 2023

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Spain is hoping for record-breaking new tourist arrivals

“We are closely monitoring the economic situation in Germany, because that is where a large part of our tourists come from, and if anything we have learned during the pandemic. [de Covid-19], It is anticipation of events” Maria Frontera, president of the Hoteliers Federation of Majorca (Balearic Islands), believes.

Spain expects to break attendance records this summer after two lean years, despite uncertainties related to the economic climate. The long-awaited restart is a relief for the kingdom’s tourism, which accounted for 13% of jobs and 12.5% ​​of gross domestic product (GDP) before the health crisis began, as the coronavirus has left its tracks. “We have to change our working methods and get used to last-minute bookings. In 2022, we could expect the demand to be very strong. Add Mme Frontera.

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According to the latest official estimates, more than 30 million international tourists visited the country in the first six months of 2022, almost six times more than the same period in 2021. “This is 80% of pre-pandemic levels “On Tuesday, August 2, the Minister of Tourism, Reyes Marado, spoke about the results “Extraordinary”. This summer, he said, tourists “Spend more and stay longer”.

Despite the inflationary spiral, this is reducing the purchasing power of the audience and the margins of the sector. “Travel fever sweeping across Europe in recent months” As a result “The Crowd”, underlined Exceltur, the association of employers of the domain, at the beginning of July. This momentum should continue throughout the season.

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“Sharp increase in costs”

The British enjoyed the Spanish sun first (6.5 million), followed by the Germans (4.4 million) and the French (3.9 million). They mainly visited the Balearic Islands (26.3%), Catalonia (21.6%) and Andalusia (13.5%). An unexpected windfall for a sector damaged by Covid-19 that broke all records in 2019: 83.7 million tourists spent more than 92 billion euros in Spain.

The downside of this exponential growth: the influx of tourists is not fully reflected in the results of companies in the sector. “A sharp increase in costs, especially energy (+ 25%) and food (+ 16%), which is only partially transmitted to prices”, As Exceltur explains, it evokes an uncertain autumn.

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