June 2, 2023

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Support surges for Lula to condemn Bolsonaro rebels

Brazil’s president met with the presidents of the Senate, Chamber of Deputies and Supreme Court to sign a declaration “in defense of democracy” on Monday evening.

Lula won broad support from his country’s political and judicial establishment on Monday, a day after the raids and looting of Brazil’s three iconic seats of power by unleashed Bolsonaros. “We will not let democracy escape us”, The leftist pledged to the president in Brasilia on Monday evening, before descending the arches of the Planaldo Palace, the heavily damaged seat of government, surrounded by Supreme Court justices, members of Congress and state governors.

Both signed a joint statement “In Defense of Democracy” posted on Lula’s Twitter account. “The powers of the Republic, the guarantees of democracy and the 1988 Constitution reject the acts of terrorism, vandalism, criminals and rulers that took place in Brasilia yesterday”The statement said. “Society needs (…) peace (…), peace and democracy”.

“The worst is over”

Condemnation echoed through the streets of São Paulo, including the iconic Paulista Avenue, where, late at night, thousands of people gathered. “To protect democracy” And listen “Imprisonment of Monarchists”. “I did not see my people, my land, divided like this, what I saw yesterday. It is unacceptable to be here, it is sad, democracy must be preserved”, 61-year-old teacher Eddie Valladares told AFP.

“The country is witnessing a path of corporate default at high speed (…) Rulers have failed in their attempts to break the law”On Monday Lula’s Justice Minister Flavio Tino said for whom “The worst is over”.

As of Sunday evening, Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes was suspended from his duties for 90 days, the governor of Brasilia district, Ibanez Rocha, apologized in a video. “holes” Security that allowed robbery.

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