June 2, 2023

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Surrounded by volcanic eruptions, the dogs mysteriously disappeared

The La Palma volcano, which erupted on September 19, has since destroyed 2,185 buildings. New volcanic eruptions approach the ocean. Mystery in rescuing dogs surrounded by volcanic eruption

Has evaporated. The slender hounds, trapped for weeks in a kind of enclosure surrounded by volcanic eruptions from the Gumbre Vieja volcano, spread their images widely on the Internet and disappeared during a drone rescue operation.

One of AeroCameras’ drones that flew over the area on Thursday found the dogs were not there. The company ended operations on Friday and decided to send its team back to Galicia (north-western Spain). “Traces of people entering the area”, however, were found to be restricted.

“All Risks Agency”

An anonymous video posted on social media shows aerial images of the area and the empty enclosure, as well as stretching white tar on one of the lower walls surrounding the site announcing “Courage La Palma”. The dogs are fine. News signed by “All Risk Agent” about the 1980s American television series.

A banner appeared after the rescue, signed by “a team” (Editor’s note: “All Risk Agency”)

Video recording.

While some provoke the gestures of animal caregivers, others, such as the animal help association Leales.org, which reported isolated and starving fangs in early October, think of the dog owner or relatives of the owners.

Police and local authorities could not confirm this information or indicate whether an investigation has been launched.

Always intense activity

Still going on, the eruption of the Cambra Viza, which began on September 19, did not kill anyone, but caused more damage: the volcano destroyed 2,185 buildings, while threatening 76 people, according to a survey conducted by the Copernican satellite at midnight. Organization.

The eruption activity does not appear to be weakening, and despite their slow progress, new volcanic eruptions are still advancing towards the ocean.

According to experts, the eruption is the largest since the 15th century, in relation to the island.

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