May 30, 2023

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Sweden formally applies for NATO membership; According to Vladimir Putin, this is not an “immediate threat”

EU in debate on blocking Hungary sanctions

In the wake of the debates over the ban on Russian oil, it was rejected in Hungary’s position, and the French proposal was received with suspicion by kyiv. “European political community” To countries awaiting accession, Lithuanian diplomat Gabriel Landsbergis announced at the European Council headquarters:

Unfortunately the whole union is being held hostage by one member state, which does not help us find consensus.

His Austrian colleague, Alexander Scholenberg, for his part, lamented:

We in Europe are very good at always showing ourselves in differences, so as not to give the impression of unity. We are in a state of conflict.

Surrounded by land and without access to the sea, Hungary relies on oil from the Trushpa pipeline from Russia. Budapest completely blocks the sixth set of sanctions for lack of guarantees to maintain its distribution. Mr Landsberg argued that Ukraine should cut off the pipeline that crosses its border with Hungary: “If traffic is stopped, the problem will be solved.”

Joseph Borel of Spain, Vice President of the European Commission chairing the meeting, warned:

We will do everything we can to resolve the situation. But I can not guarantee it will happen, because the positions are so strong.

“Some more points need to be clarified. That will not happen today.”Confirmed by German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbach. “But in the next few days we will reach a common conclusion. I am hopeful.”She promised.