June 3, 2023

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Sweden takes the presidency of the Council of the European Union without enthusiasm

For the third time since joining in 1995, Sweden will chair the Council of the European Union (EU) for six months. We can say that this responsibility is far from exciting.

Already, in September, during the recent campaign for the assembly elections, this matter was evident by its absence. Two months later, when Ulf Christensen, the conservative prime minister who emerged from the referendum, presented his priorities for the future in the area in parliament, only about twenty MPs and three ministers came to hear him.

On merit, the leader of the far-right-backed ruling conservative-liberal coalition has not made any major announcements since October 18. He mentioned the war on Europe’s borders and the unconditional commitment of the twenty-seven with the Ukrainians, EU security, the challenge of the energy transition and the defense of democratic values. He admitted and denounced free trade “Protectionism”WHO “Not the right way (…) Even on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

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In his speech, Ulf Kristerson “Part of the Continuity of the Previous Govt.” Led by the Social Democrats, Goran van Sydow, director of the Swedish Institute for European Political Studies (Sieps) in Stockholm, researched. However, he mentioned that the Prime Minister did not disappear “Uncertainty” During the six months of this Swedish presidency, the role of the Sweden Democratic Party (SD) party – a far-right Eurosceptic formation.

Swedes are overwhelmingly in favor of the EU

Although the coalition agreement, signed by the Conservatives, Liberals, Christian Democrats and SD, does not cover European policy, the party must be informed of decisions made in Brussels or could affect matters covered by the agreement. On December 13, Magdalena Andersen, a social democrat and former head of government, told herself. “occupation” Jimmy Akesson, boss of ST. “Swedish leads line in presidential term”.

According to former Conservative MEP Christofer Fjellner, this concern is unwarranted. According to him, “A coalition with SD should have no consequences for the Swedish presidency of the EU”. However, he did not exclude that the government will face opposition in the parliament, in Stockholm, when the decisions taken in Brussels have to be approved, which could put it in a delicate situation. “The SD will have difficulty justifying to their voters, especially if it is a question of paying more money in European funds to deal with the current various crises.”Journalist Ylva Nilsson, an expert on European issues, notes.

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