May 30, 2023

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“Tanks must be delivered”, says Charles Michael after meeting with Volodymyr Zelensky

Update on the situation – Supplying Kyiv with long-range weapons could lead to an escalation, the Kremlin warned Thursday, amid mounting Western claims.

New Arms Deliveries from Denmark, London and Sweden, Kremlin Warnings, Who Wagner “Things to learnFrom Ukraine… Le Figaro Taking stock Conflict in Ukraine This Thursday, January 19.

“Tanks must be supplied”, according to the EU

«Tanks should be providedto Ukraine, the President of the Council of Europe said on Thursday. Charles Michael He met the President after his visit to Kyiv Volodymyr Zelensky, ahead of an important meeting of Kyiv’s military supporters in Germany. “We look forward to your message. You need more air defense and artillery systems, more ammunition“, Charles Michael pointed out on Twitter, Westerners”Conscious“what”The next few weeks could be decisive for the futureWar with Russia.

During a joint press conference with Zelensky in the afternoon, Charles Michael confirmed discussions among EU member states for a tenth round of economic sanctions targeting Russia, to further restrict its income and its ability to wage war on Ukraine. “We reached an agreement a few weeks ago on the ninth set of sanctions, and of course a tenth set of sanctions will be required“, he told reporters. The meeting comes ahead of a crucial Ukraine Liaison Committee meeting in Ramstein, Germany, to coordinate continued aid to Kiev.

On Thursday, Ukraine called back on its Western allies “Stop trembling in front of Putin” and “significantly strengthens» Providing arms in the face of Russia’s military would mediate the conflict, specifically targeting twelve countries, including Germany and Turkey, which have the Panther tanks that Kiev tirelessly demands.

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Westerners will provide new weapons

Ukraine will receive new self-propelled guns Caesar Made in France 155 mm. This time, all 19 copies ordered by Denmark from France have not yet been delivered to Copenhagen. Execute with the support of ParliamentIt decided to deliver all 19 French-made Caesar cannons to the military in Ukraine“, Defense Minister Jacob Ellemann-Jensen announced in a press release. Eighteen Caesar rifles, taken from the stocks of the French army, were already delivered by Paris to Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict.

Britain will send 600 extra Brimstone missiles to Ukraine to counter a Russian invasion, the British defense minister announced Thursday in Estonia. After the government meeting, Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristerson made the announcement at a press conference.First decision to supply Archer artillery systems to UkraineHelp him against Russia. Breaking with the doctrine of not supplying arms to a country at war, Sweden announced that it would also send 50 CV-90 armored personnel carriers and NLAW portable anti-tank missiles.

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A growing threat from Moscow

The Kremlin warned on Thursday, January 19, that supplies to Ukraine by Westerners Long range weapons, capable of striking deep into Russian territory, could lead to a dangerous escalation of the armed conflict between Kyiv and Moscow. “This is very dangerous and means that it will reach a new level, which will not bring any benefit to European security.Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

The European Union considers the reference to the Holocaust ‘unacceptable and repugnant’

The EU’s diplomatic chief, Joseph Borrell, ruled on Thursday that “Unacceptable and disgracefulA reference to the Holocaust by Moscow in condemnation of Western support for Ukraine andJustify his illegal occupationAgainst this country. “Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s recent comments accusing the West of seeking a ‘Final Solution’ are completely out of place, disrespecting and not trampling on the memory of the six million Jews and other victims who were systematically killed during the Holocaust.“, the official alleged in a press release.

The mission of the US-led coalition “‘Final Solution’ to the Russian Question. Just as Hitler wanted to solve the Jewish problem, now Western leaders … say in no uncertain terms that Russia must suffer a strategic defeat.“, Wednesday, January 18, the head of Russian diplomacy said during a press conference. “The Russian regime’s manipulation of the truth to justify its illegal war of aggression against Ukraine has reached another unacceptable and despicable low.“, protested Spain’s Joseph Borel. “There is no parallel between the crimes of Nazi Germany and the international assistance provided to Ukraine to defend its territory and its people against unwanted aggression. Russia has invaded a sovereign neighboring country and is targeting and killing civilians on a daily basis with the aim of destroying that country and the Ukrainian nation.“said the head of EU diplomacy.

Russian “local offensive” in southern Ukraine

The Russian army began “Attack locationNear the southern Ukrainian city of Orekhiv, the front has been frozen for months, an official from the local Russian occupation administration said Thursday. “Our troops launched a local offensive near the city of Orekiv, which is still temporarily occupied by Ukrainian militants.Vladimir Rokov, a Russian occupation worker in southern Ukraine’s Zaporozhye region, said. According to him, the attack forced Ukrainian forces to retreat slightly to occupy reserve positions. “Our troops are holding occupied positions. The territory of the Zaporizhzhya region liberated from the Ukrainian militia is gradually increasing“, he repeated, as quoted by the Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

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Investors ready to flood Ukraine, says BlackRock boss

Investors will “Flood” Ukraine is at the end of the war with Russia, Larry Fink, the boss of the US firm Asset Management, said on Thursday. Black rockRuling that the country can become “A beacon to the rest of the world of capitalist power”. If the war is over “Relatively early”He estimated the country’s financial needs for reconstruction and aid to be $750 billion. “Those who truly believe in the capitalist system will fill Ukraine with capital” The head of the world’s number one asset management company continued. “I am not talking about philanthropy. There will be more altruism. I’m really talking about the fact that if you want to rebuild Ukraine, it will become a beacon to the rest of the world of capitalist power.According to him.

Wagner’s chef says he has “Things to learn» Ukrainian Army

Boss of the Wagner mercenary group, Evgeny PrigozhinHis troops said “Things to learnof the Ukrainian army, in the midst of heavy fighting Bagmouth captured In eastern Ukraine. “The Ukrainian army is efficient and continuous. There are things we can learn from them. But in any case Wagner’s units go forward meter by meter“, he said in a message published on Thursday by his news service. He promised”Artemovsk region (the name given to Bagmouth by the Russian authorities, author’s note) will be taken».

Ukrainian soldiers stand next to a residential building heavily damaged during a Russian military strike as part of Russia’s offensive against Ukraine in Bagmut, Donetsk region, Ukraine, on January 17, 2023. STRINGER/REUTERS

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