May 30, 2023

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Taxi explosion in Liverpool: What we know about the “terrorist act” in front of the hospital

Attack – An anti-terrorism investigation has opened following a taxi explosion Sunday in front of a women’s hospital in Liverpool (United Kingdom). What we do know is that one person was killed and one was injured in the attack.

England in shock. There was an explosion outside the Liverpool Women’s Hospital on Sunday. One person was killed in the attack, which is currently being reported“Terrorist act” By investigators.

What happened ?

A car crash outside a Liverpool women’s hospital on Sunday – the circumstances of which are not clear – killed one person. Another person and the driver of the vehicle – a taxi – were injured. “Unfortunately, one died and another was taken to a hospital where the injuries are being treated. Fortunately we can confirm that there is no danger to life.”Merseyside police said in a statement.

This Monday, the attack was described“Terrorist act” Whose motives “To be determined”. Homemade bomb, “Done” And was brought into the vehicle by passengers, exploded in a taxi and set on fire, said Russ Jackson, in charge of the region’s anti-terrorism police.

The main role of the taxi driver

Police on Monday confirmed that the taxi driver who was injured in the blast and taken to hospital had come out. As he has been described “Hero” It was claimed by British politicians that it prevented death. “This is an ongoing investigation, so I can’t comment on the details or say exactly what kind of incident this is. […] But the taxi driver in question seems to have acted with incredible courage. “, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Monday.

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“The taxi driver, in his heroic effort, was able to avoid what was a terrible disaster at the hospital altogether.”, Liverpool Mayor John Anderson believes in his role. According to Daily Mail, The driver noticed what his passenger saw “Suspect” And before escaping, lock him in a taxi.

Where is the investigation?

Hours after the incident, British anti-terrorism police announced the arrest of three people as part of an investigation into the case. “Three people aged 29, 26 and 21 were arrested and arrested under the Terrorism Act in the Kensington area of ​​Liverpool.”, As police said on social media. A fourth suspect, aged 20, was arrested Monday. Both addresses were searched. “Important evidence has been found and further studies will be needed today and in the coming days.”, Note the police.

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The first elements of the investigation were able to confirm that the victim of this explosion was only the passenger suspected to be the origin of the vehicle. He took a taxi to Rutland Avenue about 10 minutes from the scene. “The passenger in the car – a man – was pronounced dead at the scene and has not yet been formally identified.”, Officials said. The latter will be “Done” Homemade bomb.

The level of terrorist threat has increased

Following the explosion in Liverpool, British officials re-evaluated the scale of the “seriously” raised terrorist threat on Monday.

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