May 30, 2023

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That is why this should be done despite the Omigron variant

The world is waiting to see if the Omicron variant is particularly dangerous or resistant to the Govit-19 vaccine. But it does not question the value of a booster dose, experts promise.

Will vaccines be effective with the Omigron variant?

This is one of the big questions that everyone asks. But it is too late to say.

In Financial Times, Stephen Boncel, the boss of Moderna, was pessimistic in estimating that there would be a “significant drop” in their performance.

He explained that the researchers were concerned that 32 of the 50 mutations found in the Omigron variant were present in the spike protein.

For his part, the co-founder of BioNTech, in the form of a vaccine against goitre developed with Pfizer, he estimated that the new variant could cause more infections among vaccinated populations, but they would be protected against more severe forms. Of the virus. “Our message is: Do not panic, the plan remains the same. Speed ​​up the administration of the 3rd dose, ”argued Ukhur Sahin.

To learn more, we have to wait for the results of laboratory tests, which should be known within 15 days to three weeks.

If the current vaccines are less effective than the new variant, they may be more effective.

This will not be an “on / off effect”, said Justin Yastanpana, head of the epidemiology department at the Picard Hospital in Paris this week. “Everything is not white or black,” said virologist Bruno Lina.

In case of uncertainty, is it necessary to make a recall?

Yes, this week has been attacked by various experts, while Europe has been plagued by epidemics of delta variation.

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Alain Fischer, who is in charge of coordinating the vaccination strategy in France, said on Friday it was “a serious mistake to wait”.

Faced with this wave, many countries have stepped up their vaccination campaign. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has set a goal of giving a reminder to all adults by the end of January, reducing the time between the second and third dose from six to three months.

In the United States, Pfizer has applied for approval for a booster dose for teens aged 16 and 17.

“We must not be mistaken enemies, for now it is the delta variant,” stressed Arnaud Fontaine, a member of the French Science Council.

For now nothing has been said that Omigron will come to remove him from the throne. If that happens, it could take weeks or even months anyway.

However, some health professionals are skeptical about the benefits of recalling the entire population.

“The first thing to do is to vaccinate the elderly and those at risk, and then remind them. But I do not see the need for an extra dose for young people who are not at risk at this time,” estimates General Coach Yvon Le Flohic, who says the epidemic has been closely following its evolution since its inception.

When to expect new vaccines?

Labs Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and Moderna promise to start work on developing a new version of the anti – Govt vaccine, especially if the current vaccines are not effective enough, especially Omicron.

Pfizer has already developed the last two new versions of its vaccine against the delta and beta variants, which were eventually not used.

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“Laboratories have taken refuge in the context of their vaccines continuing to protect against severe forms of Govt’s disease, but this has helped the virus to spread,” lamented CNRS research director Bruno Conard.

If Pfizer promises a new vaccine within a hundred days, it will take longer to market, and “not until spring,” he said. Doug thinks. “Until then, current vaccines protect against severe forms of delta variation.”