June 1, 2023

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The Algerian Interior Minister said that 26 people died in the fire that broke out in 14 sectors.

Wilayas, Algerian regional divisions, mainly affected are located in the northeast of the country.

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Twenty-six people were killed and several dozen injured in the massive wildfire The Algerian Interior Minister announced on Wednesday, August 17 evening. The fires are touching 14 Departments of Northern Algeria. Two of the victims died “Sedif (East) and 24 El Darf (East)”Kamel Beldjoud announced during the 8pm TV news, near the Tunisian border.

“39 Fires” Civil Defense said on Wednesday that they are underway. The estimated burnt area is yet to be reported by the authorities. The wilayah of El Darf (a regional division of Algeria) on the border with Tunisia records the highest number of fires at 16. There is a very important fire “Jaruriya Municipality in Wilayah Souq Ahrasin”Further south, about 50 kilometers from the Tunisian border, said Colonel Farouk Achour of the General Directorate of Civil Defense. Algeria Press ServiceWednesday.

Two victims were mentioned in a previous report announced shortly before by Sétif’s civil defense. “58-year-old mother and her 31-year-old daughter”. In Souk Ahras, on the border with Tunisia, moving images show residents fleeing their homes in the face of flames. In the city, four people were burnt to varying degrees and 41 suffered from suffocation, an earlier report said.

Since the beginning of summer, numerous fires have broken out in Algeria, killing six people, reviving painful memories of the deadly summer of 2021. That summer, at least 90 people died in wildfires that ravaged the country’s north, where more than 100,000 hectares of coffee had been smoked. Every year, the northern part of the country is affected by forest fires, but this phenomenon is increasing annually under the effect of climate change.

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