February 9, 2023

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The body of the journalist who was killed in Ukraine was sent to France last night …

6:50 a.m .: “Cyber ​​Pearl Harbor” did not take place

Several European leaders of the military’s cyber security forces said on Wednesday that the Russians were far less effective than expected in using digital warfare capabilities during the offensive against Ukraine.

General Carol Molenda, Commander of the Polish Cyber ​​Security Forces, told a roundtable at the International Cyber ​​Security Forum (FIC) Lilly that “we firmly believe that there will be a Cyber ​​Pearl Harbor” in support of the ground attack. “But Ukraine was ready to resist Russia’s (cyber) attacks,” he said.

In addition, the general noted that Russia is “strong enough to attack, but not so good at defense”, which refers to the many cyber attacks that have affected the country, especially from groups of independent hackers. Colonel Romuvaldas Bedkiewicz of the Lithuanian National Center for Cyber ​​Security said openly that “the Russians are not ready for a combined war on physics and cyber space.”

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