February 9, 2023

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the chancellor autochien à Moscou Lundi to rejoin Vladimir Poutine; l’economy ukrainienne s’efondre

La Banque Mondiale is a pro choc economic maker in Ukraine and Europe in the East 2022

La Banque Mondiale is a public, diurnal soir, divisions economics catastrophies for l’Ukraine and a garde conter un sconrio encore sombre si confl sinlisait. In 2022, the product intrigue brut (PIB) in Ukraine and Plunger by 45.1%, in Russie by 11.2%, is the only projector in Washington, DC.

For Ukraine, this bien pier is one of 10% à 35% of projections on Funds international (FMI) international, or 20% announces 31 mars for Banque European pour reconstruction and development ( BERD). These records are government fonts, fonts of enterprises or fonts that are partially operational, and the merchandise of marchandises is grave perturbé. Les exports of curriculum sont devenues impossibles Ans dastes vastes touches on pays in lords dommages aux infrastructuresan soulgalement souligné Anna Bjerde, the vice-president of the Banque Mondiale chargée de cettergion.

Forte hausse de la pauvreté

Laugmentation of the pauvreté est également is a source source. The proportion of the population living per day is $ 5.50 per day with a passer-by of 1.8% and by 2021 à 19,8% this year, the same calculus in the Banque Mondial.

Es The results of the notre analyst sont très sombresa souligné Anna Bjerde. Il sigit du deuxime choc majeur frappant l economics regienale en dux ans, et il survient à un moment très periékaire, car nombreuses économics luttaient encore pour semerettre la pandémieat-elle alegalement noté.

You are about to start the journey on the path to your success in economics and economics. La Banque table on a contraction of 4.1% of PIB this year to linsemble des pays Emergents and the development of Europe and the Asian center, all quoted as having achieved a crossover of 3% . This is the second time that the recession provision has been made in 2020 (- 1,9%). The PIB’s stronghold in Europe’s easiest devotee is 30.7% with a crossover of 1,4% attending avant’s invasion.

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