January 29, 2023

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The country’s youngest bishop resigned after marrying an author of erotic-satanic novels

The priest is the bishop, but can no longer do anything “publicly and privately,” he warns Spanish Pastoral Conference.

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The youngest bishop of Spain is unable to perform his duties following his marriage to a woman Conference ItsSpanish Biscopal (EEC) On its website. The dean’s wife also becomes an author of erotic novels.

“It simply came to our notice then Xavier novel and coma, Soulsona Bishop Emeritus, married civilly to Mrs. Sylvia Caballo y Clemente on November 22, 2021 in Suriah, Barcelona., Says in a statement from the EEC. The company is a stimulus “Serious truth” And cites canon law according to it “A clergyman, if he marries only fashionably, is subject to suspension.

The priest retains the status of bishop, but can no longer perform his duties “Administration of Rituals and Other Functions of the Magistrates, Public and Private”, EEC explains. The lawsuit was probably funded by a 52-year-old bishop who resigned in late August. “Personal reasons”, According to the Spanish media.

Very quickly, his relationship with Sylvia Caballo y Clemente, a psychologist who wrote at least two erotic novels. Hell in Gabriel’s lust, It’s madness, tragedy and “The Struggle Between God and Satan”. On his publisher’s website, the author is described as follows “An energetic and transgressive writer who has taken his place in a difficult literary world that disrupts all of our moral and ethical considerations.”.