May 30, 2023

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The cyclone Emnati ra rapproche de La Rounion, l’alerte orange pourrait Outer

This samedi 19 fivrier, cyclone Emnati re reinforcements and rapproche de La Runion. It is located at a distance of 655 km from Nord-Est. Lile is on the pre-alert cyclonic june and the current passer in the orange dici on the latest news.

The cyclone tropical Emnati continues to be the rapper at La Runion, on the 19th of September.

At 10h, on the Mito France Runion service is situated 655 km north of the Nos cites. La Runion is en pre-alert cyclonique june, depuis hier, vendredi 12h. I’m looking for a passer-by with an orange dice in my hand.

The cyclone is located at a distance of 19 km / h. Lintensité d’Emnati s’est stabilization in nuit dnerie, but a reprise de lintensification is envisagize se cemedi.

Emnati devrait devenir a cyclone tropical intense en course week-end.

At the moment, the cyclone continues its trajectory of the sud-oust avant de redresser vers l’ouest-sud-ouest franchement à partiman di. The Sconario Privacy Prize for Mito France Rune is located around 300 km north of La Rounion Diemenche. Lincertitude at pass distances of rest pass important at lord 100km.

Dance in Sud de l’le, le temps se degrade depuis ce matin, avec de la pluie et du vent. At the moment, the Nord et l’Ouest sont encore your soleil, but I’m not going anywhere.

Mito France estime que “These conditions deviate from a cran en-dessous des conditions consensus for Batsirai, but an evolution plus pessimist ne peut pas utter exclu à lheure actuelle”.

For La Runion, in the new dimanche à lundi and on the bonnie part of the Lundi, the wind blows at 110km / h on the literal and at 130km / h on the hottest views of the most pluys in the destination. ‘île. Une houle cyclonique impact c late nord et notam la la route du littoral.

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Hier, the direction of the regular routes and the unique conditions in which these conditions, the fermentation of the voices and the route of the littoral sera très probability probability nundiire lundi.

Vents maximum (moyennés sur 10 minutes) estimés sur mer: 120 km / h.
Rafales maximum estimates on sur: 165 km / h.
Pression estimie au center: 973 hPa.
Position in 19 squares 10 locations: 15.9 Sud / 58.9 Est.

Distance des cites run: 655 km Sect: NORD-NORD-EST
Distance from Mayotte: 1510 km to Secteur: EST-SUD-EST
Placement: OUEST, à 19 km / h.

The cyclone emnati devarait ensuite atterrir sur Madagascar mardi on daily or soiré probablement a cyclone tropical intense, present a real danger.

Voice the intensity and position of the system in the depths of depression that cours des prochains jour:

Center position at 20/02 à 10h locations, at 17.6 Sud / 55.8 Est.

Center position 21/02 à 10h locations, 18.5 Sud / 53.0 Est.

Center position at 22/02 à 10h locations, 19.3 Sud / 49.5 Est.

Center position at 23/02 à 10h locations, 21.3 Sud / 45.2 Est.

Center position 24/02 à 10h locations, 23.7 Sud / 42.3 Est