June 3, 2023

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The day after Russia’s massive airstrikes, an air alert was issued across the country

Cover Image: At a metro station, after an airstrike, in Kyiv, December 17, 2022. Adrienne Surprenant / Myope for “The World”.

  • Ukraine was doing everything to restore electricity on Saturday, December 17 After Russia’s missile attack, power was cut across the country. The European Union has condemned the bombings as war crimes.
  • Seventy-four missiles, mostly cruise missiles, were launched by Russia On Friday, sixty of them were shot down by anti-aircraft defenses, the Ukrainian military said. 3 people were killed in the attack by Russia According to the regional governor, it hit a residential building in Krivi Rih (South).
  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Kyiv and fourteen regions were affected by power or water cuts. In Q, only a third of the population had water and heat and 40% electricity, according to its mayor Vitaly Klitschko. In Kharkiv (northeast), the country’s second-largest city, authorities announced that 55% of electricity had been restored by evening. According to the regional governor, Oleh Synehoubov, 85% of the region’s residents received electricity on Friday evening.
  • Across the country, interventions to restore electricity are underway. “Our engineers and repair crews have already started work at the time of the airstrike and are doing everything possible to restore power generation and supply. It will take time, but it will happen.”said the President of Ukraine.
  • The National Electricity Service clarified “Electricity [serait] Priority is given to critical infrastructure: Hospitals, water utilities, heating installations, sewage treatment plants ».
  • The head of European diplomacy, Joseph Borrell, condemned the new “Example of Kremlin’s Blind Terror”, of “Cruel and inhumane attacks” against the people “war crimes”. The same reaction on the French side: “These actions in no way weaken France’s determination to support war crimes and Ukraine and to fight impunity.”The Ministry of External Affairs said in a statement.
  • The European Union has approved new sanctions targeting Moscow It specifically prohibits the export of drone engines to Russia or third countries.
  • For their part, the pro-Russian authorities of the Luhansk Region, In the east, Ukrainian forces were accused of shelling two areas, which killed eleven people and wounded seventeen on Friday.
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