May 30, 2023

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The death toll rose to 6 with 7 injured

According to a new report this Sunday from the Dutch font, six people were killed and seven were injured in an accident Saturday evening when a truck plowed into a group of people dining at Zuidzijdsedijk, about 30 kilometers south of Rotterdam.

“After yesterday’s accident we now have six people killed and seven injured, one seriously,” police spokeswoman Mirjam Boyers said.

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Driver “not under the influence of alcohol”

An initial assessment of the accident on Saturday evening said at least two people were killed and several others injured.

“We are still investigating to find out what exactly happened,” he added. Police initially dismissed the trail of terrorists.

Police say a tow truck veered off the road at a group of people attending a barbecue hosted by a local skating group.

The Spanish-registered truck driver was uninjured. He was arrested and imprisoned. Ms Bowers confirmed the driver was not intoxicated. Police are appealing for witnesses to help with the investigation.