May 30, 2023

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The first “encouraging” signals about its severity

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Laboratory studies are currently being conducted in the United States to determine the dangerous nature of the Omigron variant. The first elements are “motivating” but deserving

Since appearing Variation Omicron In the US laboratories of Kovit-19 in South Africa, studies are being carried out to determine the extent to which it presents multiple mutations. More contagious, The ability to tolerate vaccines, or cause more severe cases of the disease.

This Sunday, December 5, Dr. Anthony Fassi, a White House adviser on the health crisis, pointed to the severity of the first “signals” from South Africa. Cos Omigron “A little inspiring”.

More contagious but not more serious

“Clearly, inside South Africa, Omicron is becoming more widespread, ”he said, noting the“ vertical ”curve in the number of new cases in this country. “But so far, although it’s very quick to make any definite decisions, it does not seem to be too serious,” he continued. “So far the signs of gravity are a little encouraging.”.

Be careful

However the adviser warned that this was only preliminary data. Medical experts have stressed that South Africa’s population is particularly young, and serious cases are expected in the coming weeks.

In the same case

Efficacy of vaccines in question

“I think there is a real risk of seeing the effectiveness of vaccines decline,” said Stephen Hoek, president of Moderna at the same time. “I do not know how big it is,” he said. Moderna, like other pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer, has already begun work on modifying their vaccine if necessary.

Omicron is now confirmed in at least 15 US states and around 40 countries worldwide. America has closed it Border To many countries in South Africa. Anthony Fauci said he hoped the ban would be lifted “within a reasonable time”.

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