June 3, 2023

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The French are very supportive of extending the vaccine boost to all adults

Survey – According to a study by Odoxa-Backbone Consulting Le Picaro, Measures to combat the virus are commendable, but curfew orders and re-control are largely rejected.

As the final holidays of the year approach, the appearance of the Fifth Wave worries the French. When Health Minister Olivier VĂ©ran will announce the administration’s actions on Thursday afternoon To Fight Infection Recovery, Odoxa-Backbone Consulting Study Le Picaro Expresses opinion on this issue. Strongly opposes reinstatement of curfew law (72%) and general restructuring (80%) – already two ways “ExcludedRespondents say the government – however, is in favor of new decisions being taken quickly to prevent the spread of Govt-19 in the area.

Among the most popular tools, the extension of teleworking ranks first (84%). This was followed by the re-establishment of masking in public places (73%), the strengthening of tests on health passes (68%), and the reduction of measurements in high-audience areas (65%). Finally, the extension of the vaccine to all adults, regardless of their age, is supported by almost three out of four French people (72%), while one in two (53%) respondents say they would like to receive a new vaccine. soon. The suspension of the sanitary pass for reviewers is even more divisive (50% / 49%).

While the ways considered by management with the options expressed by the French in this study are point, the latter does not mainly give Emmanuel Macron the credit for better managing the health crisis. More than half (54%) of them have negatively evaluated its results since the outbreak began in March 2020. Nearly four out of three respondents (74%) fear the violent protests currently taking place in Europe (Belgium). , Netherlands, Austria) in the West Indies (Guadeloupe, Martinique) without being imported to France, spread throughout the metropolis.

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