June 1, 2023

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The images of the Britney Greiner-Victor Bode exchange are Cold War-worthy

Evgenia Novogenina, Saeed Khan / AFP (COMBO) A composite of images from files created Dec. 8, 2022 shows United States Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) basketball player Brittney Griner awaits the verdict inside the defendants’ cage during a hearing in Khimki, outside Moscow, on Aug. 4, 2022. and Russian arms dealer Viktor Bode wait in the detention center of the Criminal Court in Bangkok, March 8, 2008. – On December 8, 2022, Moscow confirmed that US basketball star Brittney Griner, who had been jailed in Russia, had been exchanged for aggravated weapons. Trafficker Victor Bode served 25 years in prison in the United States. (Photo: EVGENIA NOVOZHENINA and Saeed KHAN / Various sources / AFP)

Evgenia Novogenina, Saeed Khan / AFP

Britney Greiner and Victor Bott wait in the Bangkok Criminal Court Detention Center on March 8, 2008, in Khimki, near Moscow, on August 4, 2022.

International – US basketball star Brittney Griner, who was detained in Russia for nine months, was released on Thursday, December 8. As part of a prisoner exchange with Moscow Including Russian arms dealer Viktor BodeHe spent ten years in prison in the United States.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said the exchange took place at Abu Dhabi Airport in the United Arab Emirates. Images of the exchange, worthy of a Cold War or spy film, emerged at the end of the day.

You can see below in the video of Russian security services published by TASS company, his tall figure in a red jacket walks down a tarmac path, a small smiling man with a gray mustache goes to meet him. The men in suits accompanying them greet each other on either side and head in opposite directions. In the images of the exchange, the athlete appears without her usual long dreadlocks, with her hair cut.

“I spoke with Brittney Griner a few minutes ago. She is safe. She is on a plane. She is on her way to America.”The President of the United States said earlier Joe BidenDuring a brief speech at the White House.

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The basketball player is expected in America this Friday morning. She has “Golden Moral” Although “Shock” Endured, added the President of the United States.

“Do you think you’ll ever come here?”

In another video broadcast by the pro-Kremlin channel RT, we see Britney Griner leaving her convict colony bags in hand. A guard asks him in Russian “Do you think you’ll ever come here?”. FSB footage shows her boarding the plane in the snow and then bailing out of the cabin “happy”Makes it clear that she doesn’t know where she’s being taken.

“all right”Viktor Bode told his family on the phone after arriving in Russia, a short excerpt broadcast on a public television channel. “I love you so much”He told his mother, Raïssa Bout, to move on.

In a second video clip aired on the same Russian TV channel, Viktor Bode was seen boarding the plane. Thin-faced, gray-moustached, with a smile on his face, a nurse took his temperature and checked his blood pressure.

He was later greeted by his family upon his arrival in Moscow, according to footage released by Rossiya 24 news channel. “They woke me up in the middle of the night and told me to pack my things. There was no clear information before this.”he said. “I came here, that’s the most important thing”.

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