June 3, 2023

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The joint and elected officials agree on the negotiation policy

It is set to end a long day of exchanges at the Risett regional site where elected officials from Guadeloupe meet face-to-face with a coalition of organizations involved in the struggle. Objective: To accept the agreement on the method, with the purpose of negotiation. Disadvantage: State is missing.

Will the agreement be finalized and signed by the parties concerned once this Friday, December 10, 2021, to begin negotiations and end the crisis?
According to the latest information we received from Raizet’s regional location in Abymes, it looks like that. A document is being finalized and talks will begin on Monday, December 13th.

After breakfast, members “Coalition of companies in the fight against vaccine duty and access to health permits and care“Meet the selected officers of the Guadeloupe at the Ambitator.
The initiation of transactions is complex; Representatives of the strikers wanted to be under the age of thirty to enter the room, instead of the 10 people their speakers argued.

But, after that the discussions went well.

Two-phase negotiations

Both parties have decided to hold talks in two phases.
Therefore, the themes that will be considered urgent will be the first volume of negotiations: the reunification of liberal caregivers, the issue of firefighters and the duty to vaccinate, but also the repression of those recently arrested, during night events and, finally, the situation of families. And higher cost of living.
In the second phase, other subjects that require a long-term response, such as employment, training, transportation, water access, environment or housing, will be mentioned.

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By agreeing on these two sides of the negotiation, the protagonists of these negotiations have already agreed with each other.

The state government has called for participation in the talks

The presence of the Interim Committee is requested by the Joint and Electoral Officers for all questions subject to the competence of the State.

Only here, along with our editorial staff, has the office of Foreign Minister Sebastien Legornu rejected this option:

No, we are in our position: the Minister was.

An order was issued to the prefect to work on the youth program with the mayors: several ministries are concerned.

We are pleased that communities are cooperating with the unions, on their demands, in their capacity-based sectors.

On our own, we have mentioned what we can do – cf. Our press release yesterday

Cabinet of Sebastien Legornu, Minister of Foreign Affairs

In yesterday’s article, a message appeared that rue Oudinot’s lessee did not want to get too involved and was trying to protect the state from financial disputes:

However, after a hiatus, elected officials and team members returned to the interior of the amphitheater, just before 7:00 pm, to resume their discussions behind closed doors, and the press did not do so. Was able to attend.
In a matter of minutes, the cast of the alliance must contact themselves with the fighters waiting impatiently outside Riset’s territory.