June 3, 2023

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The mayors of London and Geneva rose up against the coming of Jemmur to their city

The rhetorician’s international tour promises to be complex. When the columnist arrives in London this Friday, the mayor of the capital refuses to welcome “those who incite hatred.” The Geneva mayor sends him the same message.

Eric Zemorin’s international tour becomes more complex, and his journey to the United Kingdom shifts to crucifixes. The mayor of the British capital has ruled in favor of the writer after he was canceled by the Royal Company in London, which was scheduled to hold a signing session this Friday. The person is non-grata.

“I want to be clear. The strength of our city is its diversity. So those who want to divide our communities and incite hatred against people because of their skin color or their religion are not welcome in our city,” he said. Announced Sadiq Khan, during a city council meeting this Thursday.

The first Muslim, labor mayor to lead a European capital, the son of Pakistani immigrants, was first elected in 2016 before winning back in 2021. He succeeded Boris Johnson, who was repeatedly accused of fueling “cultural wars”.

The situation of the writer’s trip to Geneva next week should be much more complicated. “In principle, its presence is not welcome. It is by no means appropriate where it is managed by the city of Geneva,” Mayor Frederick Berlier estimated at the antennas. RTS.

Geneva does not want to be an “accomplice”

“His presence (on the one hand) will prove that the city of Geneva is complicit in spreading its hateful message.

No ointment should be placed in the heart of a journalist on vacation Figaro. He lost two points in the BFMTV and Elabe polls Express And 4 points on the popularity barometer of Ipsos political figures for Le Point. This is the first time since September that its sound speed has stopped.

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Defendant’s entourage refuses to break. Denise Seaslik, a member of “Eric Zemor’s Friends” on our antenna, said, “It’s nothing more than a stop.