May 30, 2023

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The Nobel Peace Prize 2021 has been awarded to two journalists, Dmitry Muradov of Russia and Maria Ressa of the Philippines.

The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded on Friday, October 8 to two journalists, Maria Reza of the Philippines and Dmitry Maratov of Russia. “Their Courageous Struggle for Freedom of Expression” Threatened by repression, censorship, propaganda and misinformation.

Two winners “Representatives of all journalists who defend this ideal face increasingly unfavorable conditions for democracy and press freedom in the world.”, Norwegian Nobel Committee Chairman Perit Reyes-Anderson said in Oslo.

Co-founder Maria Ressa, 58 Digital platform for investigative journalism Ropler In 2012, it attracted attention The regime’s controversial and murderous anti-drug campaign [du président philippin Rodrigo] Today, The Nobel Committee argued. “A world without facts is a world without truth and without hope”M saidMe During the interview, Ressa was broadcast live by her investigative media Ropler.

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For a year his senior, Dmitry Muradov, was one of the co-founders and editor-in-chief Newspaper Novaïa Gazeta, One of the few more independent publications in Russia, where dissent faces severe repression.

Three weeks are especially highlighted “Corruption, police violence, illegal arrests, election fraud and Goblin Farms And given a great price, the group insisted: six of its journalists lost their lives, Anna was killed almost fifteen years ago, including Politkovskaya.

Dmitry Muradov has announced that he will dedicate his award to his newspaper and his colleagues who were killed for their work and their investigations. “It simply came to our notice then Novaïa Gazeta. It’s about protecting the rights of the people to freedom of expression. “, Citing the names of six journalists and contributors killed, citing the state-owned Toss News Agency.

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“It simply came to our notice then (…). This award enhances the importance of journalism in the contemporary world. ”, Mikhail Gorbachev, the last president of the Soviet Union, the winner of the 1990 Nobel Peace Prize and co-owner responded in a statement. Novaïa Gazeta.

“We congratulate Dmitry Murado. He continues to work by pursuing his ideals. He is talented and courageous.”For his part, Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman for the presidency of Russia, responded to the press.

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Winner of the first Nobel Peace Prize for Freedom of Information

As the world says, “The first victim of the war was the truth”, The first Nobel Peace Prize to recognize freedom of information in 120 years of history.

“The Norwegian Nobel Committee helps to make freedom of expression and freedom of information known to the general public. These rights are essential preconditions for democracy and protection against war and conflict.”, Explained Ms.Me Reese-Anderson. “Independent, independent and genuine press helps to protect against abuse of power, lies and propaganda of war”, She clarified.

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Reporters Without Borders (RSF) welcomed “Happiness” Gift giving, saying that it is “A powerful sign, a call to action”. “At the moment, two emotions dominate: happiness and haste.”, RSF General Secretary Christophe Delory said in the presence of journalists at the organization’s headquarters in Paris. “Glad, because this is wonderful and very powerful news for the press. A good tribute to both journalists (…)Represents all journalists on the planet, and they take risks to promote the right to information..

“Then, at the same time, the sense of urgency with which the press is weakening, the press being attacked, because democracies are misinformation and rumors weaken the press as much as democracy and it is time to act.”, He added.

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According to the RSF’s annual annual rankings (given in advance as one of Nobel’s favorites), the problem of press freedom status is a serious one, with nearly three – quarters (73%) of the 180 countries being very serious. Only 27% of them are good or satisfactory. A devastating counter the RSF has on its site shows that 24 professional journalists have been killed since the beginning of the year and 350 are still in jail today.

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From Saudi journalist Jamal Kashoki, who was assassinated at his country’s consulate in Istanbul in 2018 to the pro-Hong Kong pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily, Targeted for continued criticism from Beijing and forced to close this year, with numerous attempts to cover the face.

If information is systematically targeted at dictatorial regimes and on the battlefield, public debates in peaceful countries will also be parasitized by information, and the consequences will be dramatic.

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Russia continued to be isolated

With forces of high-speed social media giants, Russia continues to isolate itself from attempts to interfere in elections in the United States and elsewhere, which it denies.

“Without freedom of expression or freedom of the press”, A Conlo MMe Reese-Anderson, “It is difficult to succeed in promoting brotherhood between nations, disarmament and a better world”, At the behest of the founder of the prize, Alfred Noble (1863-1896).

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The Nobel Peace Prize is traditionally awarded in the Norwegian capital on December 10, with a diploma, a gold medal and a check for 10 million crowns (over 80 980,000).

However, there is something unknown: the health condition. The Nobel Institute is due to decide in mid-October whether the ceremony, which was mainly reduced to digital form last year due to the Govt-19 epidemic, will be kept in its usual form.

Last year’s Nobel Peace Prize Presented by the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) For his efforts against world hunger. After the Peace, the only Nobel Prize awarded in Oslo since 1901, the season of prizes ends with the economy in Stockholm on Monday.

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