June 3, 2023

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The Omicron variant was found in many European countries, with Israel closing its borders to foreigners

Portugal: A football team retreated 7-0 due to a Govt injury

Ubusk scene on Saturday night at the Portuguese Football Championship. Due to the absence of fourteen players due to Covit-19, the balance club was forced to field a team of just nine elements to host Benfica, one of the Portuguese La Liga legends, at their National Stadium in Lisbon.

Apart from the many positive players, the coach and many technical staff are also missing. The Belem Club near Lisbon had to start many young players from the reserve ground, as well as convert a goalkeeper into a field player.

With a goal against his camp from the first minute, the mediocre Lisbon team suffered more than a dozen defeats. “Eagles”It was already leading 7-0 at the break.

Only seven balance players returned to the field after the break, and one of them remained on the field after the restart. Referring to his injury, the umpire was forced to whistle the opening end of the match in the 48th minute, and football rules state that no match should continue. “If there are less than seven players on any team”.

“A shame on the league”, Sung by supporters on the field. ” It was a shame to play here tonight ”, Rui Pedro Soares, head of Belenenses, was taken away after paying tribute to the dignity. Players who were forced to play ”.

After contacting the Football League“We didn’t want to play this meeting. We were told we could play eight players.” And that is true“Missing can be considered unreasonable”, Explained the president of the association. “This is the black side of Portuguese football. ” Rui Costa, president of Benfica, said.

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