June 2, 2023

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The Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II: The Drug or Injured Horse, Prince William at the Center of a Controversy

During the training the prince of Edinburgh’s horse’s suspicious behavior was noticed. Many witnesses induce behavior close to the behavior of the drugged animal. Controversy does not fall. Descriptions.

Prince William of England is at the center of a scandal. During the rehearsal for the Queen’s birthday parade, Kate Middleton’s husband rode a horse called “George”. The latter would have appeared in the worst case before the witnesses during the rehearsal.

Abnormal behavior

The home division horse exhibited a different behavior. According to the observations of those in training, he hung his head on the ground. This training was conducted on Thursday, June 2, 2022 to train the actors before the “Trooping the Color” parade. Daily Mail Reveals the affair. They say Prince William’s horse was “intoxicated.”

“William’s horse appears to have been given drugs. His head is on the ground. It is a disgrace,” said an anonymous source, citing our British colleagues. A spokesman for Clarence House, the royal residence in London, declined to comment when questioned. On social networks, Internet users have largely responded to this assumption.

Injured horse?

But the animal association PETA puts forward another theory. Activists, for their part, inflict potential injury to the horse. The latter may be due to his unusual behavior.

“Horses used for racing are very tense and can be easily frightened by noise and unexpected noises and run away. We do not know if this is the case here, because it’s moving strangely at times, “said Eliza Allen, vice president of the charity. Daily Mail.

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In addition, as the online newspaper recalls, the horses participating in these ceremonies are subjected to noise and traffic reduction sessions. They are therefore less reactive to a quieter urban environment.