May 30, 2023

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The President of the Armed Forces elects the President of the Republic

L ‘Albania There is a new leader. Chief of Army Staff Bajram Begum was elected President of the Balkans. Otton, By referendum in Parliament. Ilir Meta, a fierce critic of the government that will step down on July 24, is winning for a five-year term.

In a country where the government has the most power, it is often a formal position, but the president plays a key role in the judiciary. He appoints three of the nine members of the Constitutional Court. Even the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

Candidate proposed by the Socialist majority

General Begum, 55, was nominated by a majority Socialist Of Prime Minister Eddie Rama. He was elected on the fourth round of ballot, after the defeat, in the absence of candidates, requiring an absolute majority of 84 out of the 140 selected in the previous three rounds. His candidacy was finally approved by a favorable vote of 78 elected officials.

After graduating from medical school in 1989, Bajram Baghdad became an Acting Officer in 1998 and held various command positions in the Albanian Army. He has been the leader of the Armed Forces since July 2020. For practical reasons, he resigned from his military service shortly before the vote in parliament.

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