May 30, 2023

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The province bans all gatherings in Rivieres des Perez

Police have been concentrating on removing roadblocks in Guadeloupe for several days. But, as soon as they turn their backs, they are again raised by the protesters. To prevent this, he banned the gathering of more than 6 people in Rivière-des-Pères.

Again, protesters rallied within the framework of the current broader community movement, building a dam in the Rivière-des-Pères district between Basse-Terre and Baillif in Guadeloupe.
However, this section of National Road 2 is strategic because it creates the link between Cote d’Ivoire and the municipalities of the capital.
That is why it is systematically subject to the actions of Gendermary forces, with the help of compulsory agencies and / or the city’s technical service, to clear barriers, protect and clean the premises.

The purpose of the authorities “Remove barriers to the free movement of people and objects“, In a press release, refers to the province.

The situation was similar on Tuesday morning, November 30th. Finally, “Traffic resumed following the move“, It is mentioned.

Destroyed in Riviere des Perez – 11/30/2021

© Jean-Marie Firpion – Guadeloupe The 1st

But this shortcut lasted a very long time, to the taste of the prepper.
Thus, the Palais d’Orléans in Basse-Terre decided to ban all meetings in the Rivière-des-Pères area.

Alexandre Rochess, head of the Guadeloupe Region, has decided to ban more than six people from visiting the site from today until Friday, December 3, to prevent the re-establishment of roadblocks.

The area in question extends from the roundabout of the Bologna Distillery, rue Baron de Cluny, to Basse-Terre, RD 30, to the mouth of the Baillif.

11/30/2021 News Release

Nobody respects this move. “Manifests itself in legal action“, The prefect adds.

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