March 22, 2023

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The Russian military has blamed the drone attack on its fleet in Crimea and London

Russia says it has repelled a Ukrainian drone attack on its navy in Crimea overnight from Friday to Saturday. She will be there “Extra Massive” Clashes according to the region’s pro-Russian governor.

The Russian military announced on Saturday that it had foiled a massive drone attack on its fleet in Sevastopol Bay in annexed Crimea, and that all the machines had been shot down. He blamed the attack on Ukraine and Britain, which damaged a ship.

“No facilities in the city were affected. The situation is under control.”noted the city’s pro-Russian governor, Mikhail Rasvozhayev. “A much larger attack by drones and unmanned surface vehiclesFrom afar in the waters of Sevastopol Bay on the history of the conflict in Ukraine, ed. The Russian Ministry of Defense reported to him “minor damage” Ivan Kolobets aboard the minesweeper, as well as the bay control boom.

According to Moscow, the attack involved “Nine Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Seven Autonomous Maritime Drones” And target ships participating in the protection of convoys responsible for exporting Ukrainian grain thanks to an agreement concluded under the auspices of the UN and Turkey. “Preparation for this terrorist act and training of the military personnel of the 73rd Ukrainian Center for Special Maritime Operations was carried out by British specialists in Ochako, Mykolaiv region of Ukraine”The Russian Defense Ministry said in a telegram.

Crimea was annexed by Russia in March 2014 after the intervention of its special forces Link poll Condemned by Kyiv and the West, it serves as a naval headquarters and logistics base for Russian offensives in Ukraine. Military and civilian installations have been targeted there several times in recent months.

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Multiple attacks

Attacks targeting Crimea have escalated in recent weeks, with Ukrainian forces advancing on the southern tip of the city of Kherson, which has become a stronghold for the Russians as they await the inevitable attack.

On Thursday, Mikhail Rasvozhayev announced that the Balaclava thermal power plant had been targeted by a drone strike, which did not cause major damage or casualties.

In August, he announced a drone strike on the Russian Black Sea Fleet headquarters in Sevastopol, causing no casualties and injuring five after the first strike a few days earlier.

Elsewhere, the Ukrainian military reported fighting in eastern Luhansk and Donetsk regions near Bakhmoud.

In August, explosions rocked an airfield and a military base in Crimea, weeks after Ukraine claimed responsibility.

In early October, it was Crimean BridgeKey infrastructure for the peninsula connecting it to Russia, inaugurated at great expense by Vladimir Putin in 2018, was damaged by a truck bomb.

Elsewhere on the ground, the Ukrainian military reported fighting in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions in the east, and shelling of several other areas, including Bakhmaut, the only area where Russian troops have advanced in recent weeks.

Exchange of new prisoners

Pro-Russian separatists fighting alongside Moscow have announced a new prisoner swap with Kyiv, including 50 on each side.

On the southern front, artillery skirmishes broke out in the village of Kopsartsy, the last town on the Ukrainian side before contact with the Russians. “It could go wrong there. But we know they suffer more on their side than us.A Ukrainian soldier in his twenties committed to Oleksii.

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Both sides are preparing for the battle for the city in this area GersonThe regional capital, from where occupation authorities have expelled tens of thousands of citizens, described by Ukraine as “deportees”.

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