June 3, 2023

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The sale of plaques to prisoners tattooed in Auschwitz was blocked by Israeli justice

On Wednesday, November 3, Israeli justice blocked the auction of metal needle plates used by the Nazis to tattoo prisoners at the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland, where one million European Jews and dozens of other prisoners were killed. World War II, between 1940 and 1945. Associations providing assistance to survivors of the show have questioned the Ministry of Justice for halting the sale, which is scheduled for November 9, which has sparked outrage in Israel.

The auction includes eight numbered stamps and the instruction manual of the German company Esculap. In the auction house list Solman, Located in Jerusalem, as described “A stunning and very rare museum of unprecedented historical significance”. Auction house owner Meir Tzolman said “Obtaining all items from an individual in the United States who received them from the concentration camp”, Report Jerusalem Post.

Articles are estimated by Tzolman to cost between $ 30,000 and $ 40,000 (or between 26 26,000 and 34 34,600). The maximum bid on Tuesday was reported to be $ 1,810 (1,565) The Times of Israel. The court ordered a “Temporary injunction” Prevents sales on Wednesday and will be held on November 16th “Emergency Inquiry” In the title.

Put an end to “a disgraceful sale”

Rabbi Menazem Marcolin, president of the European Jewish Association, was quoted by the media Hamodia, Wrote a letter to Israeli Justice Minister Gideon Sarah. He asked the legislator to put an end to this “Nasty Sale”. A group of Israeli organizations aiding the Holocaust survivors also appealed to the Tel Aviv District Court to block the sale.

“There can be no owners for such evil goods,” says attorney David Forer

According to Colette Avital, chairman of the committee, the location of the plates should be in a museum. “These items should not be bought or sold, and should certainly not be private property.”, He told Agencies France-Presse (AFP). They “Used for particularly heinous crimes”, For “Convert Humans to Numbers”, She added. “There can be no owners for such evil goods, Said attorney David Fohr. Their sale is illegal and undermines public morality. “

According to Danny Dayan, head of the Yat Washem, the Israeli Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem, current Israeli law does not prohibit the sale of Nazi goods. “The solution may be in law”, He believes Times of Israel, The monument did not buy the goods at auction because it did not want to promote it “Offers from Greedy Merchants”.

Meir Tzolman declined to answer AFP’s questions as the sale was blocked. On Tuesday, he said there was no reason to cancel the sale Jerusalem Post. “I am the one who underestimates or underestimates the value of the Holocaust. I want to make sure the article falls into good hands and does not disappear from the pages of history., If he had justified Israeli military radio Galeï Tsahal’s microphone reports The Times of Israel.

Faced with this sale that seemed to him “Morally unacceptable”, Yath Washem ruled that the monument items should be returned to him.

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