June 1, 2023

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The story of Le Figaro’s special correspondent

Report – Experts from the French Gendermary have been conducting research for three months in the wake of the Russian invasion in support of Ukrainian justice.

Special Envoy of Sloboda-Kouharska

Painted wooden houses, storks perched on poles and flowering spring trees: 100 km northwest of Kiev, Slobodo-Kauharskaya resembles other cities in the Ukrainian countryside. But on this Friday in June, men in dark blue uniforms walk through the village. A team of 17 French genders, along with Ukrainian magistrates and police officers, was dispatched to the scene for questioning. War crimesWithin the framework of Franco-Ukrainian cooperation.

Some villagers, initially surprised by this group of strangers, approach with caution. “My husband found the soldier’s body when he went fishing, he’s still there, not sure what to doHumbled by an old woman, whispering in farm attire. There are four more in the field, but they are Russians.She can still read the tension of her 21 days on her face

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