June 3, 2023

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The Supreme Court is preparing to repeal the right to abortion in the United States

An extraordinary leak, about a possible historical end: this is the site’s revelation PoliticsThe draft decision of the Supreme Court on Monday, May 2, is still under discussion, which will remove the right to abortion. This text will overwrite the so-called Roe v. Wade (1973), in the name of the right to privacy, is the cornerstone of the freedom of women across the country to dispose of their bodies. Each state will defer the possibility of adopting its own law and, therefore, must decide that spontaneous pregnancy (abortion) is illegal, without making an exception for rape and sexual intercourse. A dozen states have already adopted such legislation, which is only awaiting the Supreme Court’s final ruling in this direction.

The plan was written by Judge Samuel Alito According to the news site, it was accepted by most of his colleagues. ” Rowe made a blatant mistake from the start. He writes. His reasoning was incredibly weak, and that decision had far-reaching consequences. ⁇ The 98-page document is astounding in its unprecedented, unreserved, or subtle condemnation of the entire legal framework that contributed to the constitutional right to abortion. He also alleges that the 1973 Supreme Court existed “Short Round of the Democratic Process”Prevent “Large number of Americans” State-wise decision on this issue should be taken.

Rowe V. Wade was incorporated in 1992, a new result, Planned Parents v. Casey. It considers that laws governing or controlling abortion should not create or cause a miscarriage. “Higher fees” (Unnecessary load) According to the draft released on Monday, there will be no abortion “Deeply rooted in the history and traditions of the nation”, Thus giving little value to the idea of ​​liberation and progress, not to mention the evolution of medicine and so on.

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The final decision of the court’s nine magistrates is expected by the end of the session in early July. But only three so-called Liberal members – Stephen Fryer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan – are clearly opposed to any amendment by Rowe. Wade. The position of John Roberts, chairman of the Supreme Court and moderate conservative, is not yet known. Even if he agrees with the dissenting opinion of his three colleagues, it will not be enough to change the majority opinion.

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