June 2, 2023

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The Trump Organization has been accused of tax evasion in New York

Donald Trump’s family group, the Trump Organization, was found guilty of financial and tax fraud on Tuesday (Dec 6), after an investigation into two of its entities in New York, where the former Republican president is not under investigation. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg announced.

The jury retired on Monday after more than a month of deliberations. “Trump Corporation and Trump Payroll Corporation Plead Guilty on All Counts”Report on his Twitter account Alvin Bragg. ‘For the first time in our lives, a jury has convicted a former president’s company on criminal charges’Creates an advocate in social networking.

Both companies were tried for tax evasion and falsification of accounting reports, particularly with the aim of concealing financial compensation from some senior executives from the tax services.

A “witch hunt” for Donald Trump

“It’s a matter of greed and deception. In Manhattan, no company is above the law.”, yet in a press release the attorney general welcomed Bragg, noting that it was the first time a Donald Trump company had been convicted of a crime. The billionaire is now officially running for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

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“For thirteen years, the Trump Corporation and the Trump Payroll Corporation have evaded the law by providing lavish perks and compensation to top executives, while deliberately hiding these benefits from tax authorities to avoid paying taxes”, he added. The lawyer notes that the sentence should be announced on January 13.

In the case, Alan Weiselberg, the family group’s former finance director, reached a plea deal with the courts in August and pleaded guilty to fifteen counts of fraud and tax evasion related to $1.76 million in undeclared income between 2005 and 2021. In particular, members of the Trump family testified during the trial of the company, a group that manages hotels, golf courses and real estate investments.

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At the beginning of the investigation, Donald Trump had condemned “Witch Hunt” Democrats against him.

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