June 3, 2023

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The UK has not ruled out providing fighter jets to Kiev

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19h31 : British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace does not rule out sending warplanes to Ukraine: “I’m very open to seeing any kind of system to bring that aid to Ukraine, not just planes.” Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s formula on Tuesday was not too concrete, but too obvious.Judged “Not very practical” To supply the Ukrainian military with equipment it does not control.

18h24 : Here’s a new point in this Thursday’s news:

More than 20,000 amendments to the text of the pension reform bill were tabled before it began its examination in the National Assembly on Monday. Almost 13,000 of them by La France Insumais. Follow our life.

No one has any romantic relationship between Chihem and this person.”, Sihem’s family’s lawyer, Mourad Pathik, assured at a press conference. The suspect, who confessed to killing the 18-year-old girl, for his part, is a “A dispute over their romantic relationship“. Here’s what we know about the investigation.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has not ruled out supplying fighter jets to Ukraine on the sidelines of the Aukus Partnership summit with Australia. Follow our life.

As in December, European Central Bank (ECB) Raising its key policy rates by 0.5 percent. Elle He announced in a press release that he will do the same in March to fight back against inflation.

16h55 : “It’s unbelievable, but the German Panther tanks are threatening us again.”

The Russian president drew a new parallel between the war against Hitler and his attack on Ukraine. During the celebration of the 80th anniversary of the Soviet victory over the German army in Stalingrad, Vladimir Putin mentioned the German-built Panther tanks promised by the Western allies in Kiev. Russia is”what answer” Countries that threaten it, he continued.

15h07 : Life ahead. Zhenya Savilov photographed Ukrainian soldiers in the trenches on the outskirts of Kherson. Here are some pictures released by AFP dated today.

14h58 : Here’s a new point in this Thursday’s news:

After its parent company Go Sport, the company Go Sport France has been placed in receivership. “The company is in a position to stop paying”The Commercial Court of Grenoble reasoned.

After 93 caps for France, the footballer 2018 World Champion Raphael Varane has announced his international retirement..

• A delegation from the European Commission visits Kyiv ahead of the EU-Ukraine summit. “We are with you for the long haul”, Commission President Ursula van der Leyen said from Kyiv. Follow our life.

After the discovery of young Sihem’s bodyThe district attorney reported that the suspect claimed to have killed her during an argument “Their love is tied to the relationship”. Here it is What we know about the investigation and the suspect’s confession.

13h57 : Ursula van der Leyen traveled to Kyiv and was also asked about recent anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine. “I assure you that anti-corruption agencies are vigilant and detect cases of corruption quickly.”, she was delighted. On Wednesday, Ukrainian authorities conducted searches of personalities and administrations. Earlier in the week, senior officers were partially firedCorruption case involving military supplies.

13h53 : We previously talked about new European sanctions against Moscow on February 24, the first anniversary of the Russian attack on Ukraine. According to Ursula Von der Leyen, the head of the European Commission, the price of Russian oil for export from December will be capped at 60 dollars. “It already costs Russia about 160 million euros a day”.

1:13 p.m : Dear @ZelenskyyUa, we support your economic security as Ukrainians fight to protect our common values. To date, our EU support amounts to €50 billion. We are with you for the long haul. https://t.co/tA0cpqjkJG

1:13 p.m : Ursula Von der Leyen mentions that the EU has already provided 50 billion euros in support to Ukraine. “We are with you for the long haul”, said the head of the commission from Kiev.

1:12 p.m : The European Union is planning sanctions against Moscow on the anniversary of its invasion of Ukraine, on February 24, European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen announced. He is live from Kyiv holding a joint press conference with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

12h14 : It’s 12:04 PM, time to review this Thursday’s midday news:

• After young Sihem’s body was found, the prosecutor announced that the suspect had killed her during an argument. “Their love is tied to the relationship”.

• Journalist and writer Dramatist Philip Deson has died Last night at the age of 94.

• The European Parliament recently lifted the immunity of two MEPs targeted by Belgian justice. Indulged in corruption for the benefit of Qatar and Morocco.

• A delegation from the European Commission visits Kyiv ahead of the EU-Ukraine summit.

10h17 : For his part, the head of Russian diplomacy, Sergei Lavrov, accused the West of supporting an end to Ukraine. “The Russian Question”. According to him, Ursula van der Leyen “He declared that the outcome of the war should be Russia’s defeat, a defeat she would not recover from for decades. Isn’t that racism and Nazism?”

10h11 : I am happy to be back in Kiev for the 4th time since the Russian invasion. This time, with my team of commissioners. We stand together to show that the EU stands as firmly as ever with Ukraine. And to further deepen our support and cooperation. https://t.co/zf8fvoNKnG

10h11 : Ursula von der Leyen, who arrived in Kyiv this morning, pledged the EU’s full support to Ukraine ahead of the EU-Ukraine summit. This is the fourth visit of the President of the European Commission to the capital of Ukraine.

09h16 : “The memory of this war prepares public opinion for a difficult, long-term war.”

If the reference to Stalingrad is not more at the beginning of the war in Ukraine, “it appears especially in the summer and September, which corresponds to the period when the Russian army experiences difficulties”, explains franceinfo Emilia Coustova. Researcher of Russian Civilization at the University of Strasbourg.

09h12 : Russia today celebrates the 80th anniversary of the Soviet victory at the Battle of Stalingrad, a major turning point in World War II. This memory is now politically exploited by the Kremlin to justify sending its soldiers to the front lines in Ukraine. Let me explain to you How this memory allows Russian power to reproduce its ideology.

(Pauline Le Nourse / France Info)

07h39 : The Russian strike we’ve been talking about in the headlines happened at 9:45pm (8:45pm in Paris). It targeted eight buildings in the center of Gramadorsk, one of which completely collapsed. 100 policemen were mobilized to search the wreckage. Donetsk regional governor Pavlo Kyrilenko said two people were killed and 21 wounded in the attack.

(Capture d’Gran Google Maps)

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