May 30, 2023

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The Ukrainian army ceded the center of Severodonetsk to the Russians

Ukrainian forces on Monday agreed to abandon the Severodonetsk center following the new one. Russian attacks In this important city in eastern Ukraine, two militants have been fighting for weeks.

Part of the “enemy” wins

“With the support of the artillery, the enemy attacked the Chevroletonetsky, had some success and pushed back our units from the city center. The hostilities continue,” the Ukrainian civil servants posted on Facebook in its morning update.

Sergei Keidai, governor of the Lugansk region – whose Chevrodonetsk The administrative center for the area controlled by the Ukrainian authorities – confirmed the withdrawal of Ukrainian forces from the center.

The last bridge was destroyed

“Street fighting continues (…) The Russians Keep destroying the city, ”he wrote on Facebook, posting photos of the buildings destroyed by the fire.

Pro-Russian separatists fighting the Russians in the region say the last Ukrainian divisions in Severdonetsk are now “blocked” after the destruction of the last bridge leading to the neighboring city of Lyciansk. “They have two possibilities (…), surrender or death,” said separatist spokesman Edward Passorin.

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