May 30, 2023

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The United States has condemned the military regime’s “disgusting attacks” in the western part of the country

The military junta, which came to power after a military coup in February, has been accused of destroying more than 100 homes and Christian churches in western Burma.

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Washington reacts to the abuses of the Burmese regime. America condemns “Nasty Attacks” Nate Price, spokesman for the military junta in western Burma, which has been accused of destroying more than 100 homes and Christian churches, announced on Sunday (October 31).

“These brutal attacks underscore the urgent need for the international community to hold the Burmese military accountable and to take action to prevent human rights abuses and abuses.”, He said in a statement.

“We condemn these brutal actions against the people of Burmese regime, their homes and places of worship., The speaker added.

Several local media and witnesses reported on Friday that the military junta’s armed forces had shelled the town of Dandlong in Sin province after clashes with local defenses. According to residents, a fire destroyed the city of 7,500 people, including dozens of homes and other buildings, including the Save the Children’s office.

Citing the destruction of two churches and 70 houses by fire, the military in power blamed the People’s Security Forces (PDF) for the fire.

Even Washington “Deep concern over the intensity of military operations” In many parts of Burma, and calls for military rule “Immediately stop the violence, release all those unjustly detained and get Burma back on the path to democracy.”, Net prices continued. Chaos prevails in Burma after severe repression following a military coup in February.

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