May 30, 2023

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The US Congress has postponed a vote on Joe Biden’s social and climate investment plan

On the contrary Expectations of, Democratic Leader of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi has announced that she will not vote on Friday, November 5, on US Congress President Joe Biden’s grand social and climate plan.

However, the House of Representatives came up with a clear goal this morning: to finally finalize Joe Biden’s plans, which included a cost of 3 trillion (approximately 2,600 billion euros), thanks to which he promised to transform the United States.

The US President’s plan includes enormous social components, particularly nursery school for all, profound improvements in health care and significant investments in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which would mark a deep redefinition of the welfare state in the United States.

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But the plan has been the subject of some very difficult negotiations within the Democrats, especially between the left and the moderate camp. And its total cost has already been halved, Projected at $ 1,750 billion.

The referendum is expected before November 25

Throughout the day, the Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives sought to organize his troops and generate enthusiasm for the president’s plans. “The project we are promoting is innovative, historic, and challenging.”, He declared in a letter to the Democrats, as if to explain these infighting between the party’s elected officials.

But last-minute negotiations – moderately elected officials demanding the exact cost of these costly expenditures – stalled the process and forced leaders in Congress to postpone a referendum again. That is to be expected now “Before Thanksgiving Day” According to Nancy Pelosi, it should be said before November 25th.

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A little consolation to the President, this experienced political figure added “Hope” Joe Biden’s another major investment plan, the $ 1.2 trillion envelope to repair the country’s dilapidated infrastructure and invest in high – speed internet and U.S. Navy electric cars, will be voted on in the House tonight.

This massive investment plan has already been approved by the Senate in mid-August and is backed by elected officials from both parties. What he passed on in the House was a victory for Joe Biden (half-heartedly), he only had to recognize the text.

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For the president, who has been weakened by a major defeat in this week’s local government election in Virginia and is facing declining public ratings, the need for that victory is even worse. But the Democratic Progressive Party has repeatedly warned that it will not support the speech without a guarantee of fulfilling Joe Biden’s social and climate elements.

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