May 30, 2023

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The White House has announced that US officials will distribute 500 million tests free of charge

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12h04 : Thailand has reintroduced compulsory isolation for all travelers due to the risk of spreading the Omigron variant. Authorities are thus putting the brakes on reopening tourism, a key sector in the state.

12h00 : This is the afternoon. In today’s news we present a new idea:

Hostages in the 12th arrondissement of Paris Done. The hostages were arrested. “No injuries”, Announced by Home Secretary Gerald Dorman.

The government is accelerating. Jean Costex presented the bill for vaccine approval and announced that it could be submitted to the Cabinet next week and not on January 5th. Follow our lives.

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11h54 : Hello Morgan. Yes, in fact, Prime Minister Jean Costex announced last Friday that the delay between the second dose and the booster dose had been reduced to 4 months (instead of 5). So in your case you can take it from December 23rd.

11h54 : Hello Robin, I heard about the time between the second dose and the booster being reduced to 4 months. Since I was vaccinated on August 23, can I come to the first vaccination center meeting on December 23 to receive the booster dose?

11:48 am : Hello ல் Mel. In fact, more than 42,000 encounters were first injected on the Doctolip platform this weekend. Indicates the number of clear increases, compared to the previous week France Inter.

11:48 am : Hello, Friday’s announcements to turn health into a vaccine, did it increase the number of first-time vaccinated and recalled recruits?

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11h37 : New study for vaccine. Health Minister Oliver Varen announces that the bar of 20 million booster doses should be reached today.

11h27 : After meeting with local elected officials and parliamentary committees, the government should also decide whether or not to include the Corporate Health Pass in the text of the Vaccine Pass.

11h32 : The Prime Minister today welcomed the representatives of the officials elected by the local people and the chairmen of the Parliamentary Committees “See with them how you can make progress as quickly as possible”, With a view to coming into force “Fast” On the vaccine license, Gabriel Attle mentioned.

11:34 : Jean Costex told local elected officials that the draft vaccine approval law could be brought forward next week and submitted to the cabinet, not on January 5, according to participants in a meeting of France Televisions. This is another hypothesis, Matignon points out.

11:14 : Hello Mathieu. The term “booster dose” is preferred because this injection is not always the third. This is especially true for those who have already recovered from an illness, for example, those who have only a second dose as a reminder.

11h08 : Hello Mr. Be careful why does the government want to say booster instead of 3rd dose?

10h31 : Xian, the largest Chinese city in the north of the country, is named for the army buried in terracotta, which has begun screening all of its 13 million people after about 40 Kovit-19 cases were discovered.

10h20 : “Omicron may already be in the majority in Ile-de-France, especially in Paris.”

Based on his tool that follows the evolution of the Govit-19 epidemic in France, Guillo Rogier believes. “Contamination can occur up to 9% due to omigron variation in France”. The “Suspicious” Further “It’s very strong that Omigran develops very quickly in people 20-30 years old”.

09h58 : “Wave 6 will be a big leap for the unknown.”

Frédéric Adnet, professor of emergency medicine and head of the emergency department at Avicenne Hospital in Bobigny and Samu in Seine-Saint-Denis, Make the point Hospitals, bed shortages, nursing staff and Omigron.

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09h25 : “We are entering a phase of great turmoil. (…) If we find that there is a very strong resumption of the epidemic associated with the #Omicron variant, we will go further.”

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal said “The Omicron variant modifies the cards, This morning, France2.

09h26 : High health officials gave the green light yesterday to give priority to high school students and vaccinate children between the ages of 5 and 11. In Lyon, as in Marseille, first-time carers and their parents do not need to be excited. Evidence.

09h10 : It’s 9 o’clock. In today’s news we present a new idea:

Hostages in the 12th arrondissement of Paris Done. The hostages were arrested. “No injuries”, Announced by Home Secretary Gerald Dorman.

The Omicron variant is now in the majority in the United States, with President Joe Biden set to announce new restrictions today.

உயர் Announced by the High Commission for Health (HAS) In favor of vaccinating children 5 to 11 years of age. On the other hand, she did not want to give it back “Payable or compulsory”. For its part, the European pharmaceutical company has pronounced In support of the request for approval for the vaccine against Kovit-19 from the US laboratory Novavax.

08h13 : The Ministry of Health announced yesterday that people with immunodeficiency in Brazil will be able to receive the fourth dose of Covit-19 vaccine after three months, four months later.

07h23 : In Germany, sporting events such as the Bundesliga football tournament take place “Without audience” From December 28 until further notice, as well as cultural events and concerts, according to the second revised text broadcast in the evening. Discos and dance clubs will be closed.

07h17 : From December 28, in Germany, people who have been vaccinated or cured will not be able to welcome more than 10 guests at home, and all of them will be vaccinated, the text says. Those who are not vaccinated will only be allowed to invite a maximum of two people per household.

07h17 : In Germany, the government is preparing to tighten health restrictions for the New Year, according to a plan discussed yesterday by the AFP, and the crisis between the government and representatives of 16 German regions is still being discussed today. Olaf Scholes’ press conference.

07h28 : Omigron (already) has invaded the United States. This variation is now the majority in the country. In this context Joe Biden should announce the message “Activities” The goal “Increase access to screening”, According to his spokesman Jen Zaki. The President will insist “Risks posed by non-vaccinated persons”, But nothing “Country Prison” Did not expect, she said.

06h09 : The Peruvian Congress announced yesterday that only delegates and staff who have received at least two doses of the Covit-19 vaccine can access headquarters to control infections, in anticipation of the arrival of the first cases of the Omigran variant. In the country.