May 30, 2023

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The woman, who was raped on the train, did not move the other passengers

A thrilling scene where no one reacts. A woman was raped on Wednesday evening Train In Pennsylvania (
United States), Under the eyes of many passengers who did not interfere, reports Independent Sent by Stone slab. When the police commissioner in charge of the investigation commented this Sunday, I had no words for it. To be continued: “I can’t imagine what I see [ça] With his eyes, see what is happening to this girl, do not interfere to help her. “

A SEPTA agent calls the police

The facts happened at 11pm A train De la Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (Septa)
Occupier He sat down next to the victim and started a conversation before harassing her. Faced with her refusal, he took off her clothes before finally raping her.

Sexual assault According to CCTV camera footage it lasted eight minutes. Others
Passengers Not in large numbers, but in the opinion of the Commissioner of Police that it is sufficient to “act collectively” and to protect the victim. Eventually a Septa employee boarded the train and called 911 after witnessing the attack.

Wanted travelers

Company agents Transportation The suspect, who was handed over to law enforcement and detained, was arrested by a 35-year-old man. Police are now trying to identify the passengers as witnesses.

Inactive passengers in front of the show may also be charged. But the commissioner declined to say more about this aspect of the case New York Times. The state of Pennsylvania has no law regarding not helping someone at risk.