May 30, 2023

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The Zelenskys were criticized after the shooting by Vogue magazine

Pictures of Ukraine’s presidential couple holding hands or standing in front of the wrecked plane are causing a stir on social media, as Ukrainian troops still clash with Russian soldiers on the ground.

The photos did not go unnoticed. Photographs of the Ukrainian presidential couple were taken by Annie Leibovitz Vogue Published on the cover of Tuesday’s US magazine, with an interview with First Lady Olena Zelenska.

A release following a wave of criticism on social networks as Ukrainian troops continue to fight against Russian soldiers. “What a cruel trivialization of the Ukrainian war […] What a way to play Putin and his campaign,” commented one user.

“A lot of Ukrainian soldiers are dying every day, and Zelensky [se dit] ‘Let’s do a shoot with Vogue,’ teases another.

“It’s like watching The Hunger Games.”

In the photos, the couple is seen holding hands and posing outside the Presidential Palace. Olena Zelenska at the Antonov airport, in front of the wreckage of the destroyed plane, surrounded by female soldiers with her hair and distance.

She testifies Vogue Five months of war since the Russian invasion on February 24. “The last few months have been the worst in my life, and the worst in the lives of all Ukrainians,” he said, adding that “we look forward to victory” and that Ukraine will win “no doubt.”

“We had a happy life, we didn’t think this would happen. But we have hope,” he still told the magazine.

But for some Internet users, this publication is like “an image”. “It’s disgusting! It’s like watching a movie The Hunger Games The elite live in the capital without a care for the world or the people from other neighborhoods (in this case the oblasts) who die every day!” commented one of them.

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