May 30, 2023

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There is no Christmas celebration on Downing Street this year

In 2020, despite instructions to limit contact as much as possible with the Govt-19 epidemic, several members of the Johnson administration organized banquets.

Amid tight controls related to the corona virus epidemic, Christmas parties will not be held on Downing Street this year, following outrage over revelations about a rally on December 18, 2020. “There is no plan for thisA spokesman for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said this when asked by reporters about the Christmas celebrations on Downing Street on Friday (December 10). He noted that this decision has been taken “The following project b“Continuous restrictions announced by the government on Wednesday and many others to slow down the impetus for the Omigron variant.”For the latest data available to usRegarding health status.

The United Kingdom is one of the worst-hit countries, killing more than 146,000 people. Nearly 50,000 new pollutants are recorded daily. To prevent the spread of the Omicron variant, the government has announced the introduction of a vaccine passport for certain large gatherings. He recommends returning to Telework from Monday, however, without consulting his colleagues against the traditional Christmas celebrations, which has drawn criticism from him.

Low reputation for leader

The government was further accused of violating its own rules after the media revealed that several parties or meetings were held when the British were told not to visit their relatives last winter. The Conservative government has been embroiled in other violations of anti-Govt restrictions in the past.

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The new scandal has affected Boris Johnson’s reputation, the lowest since he was prime minister, with two-thirds of Britons (66%) now holding a negative opinion of him in a YouGov poll released on Friday. One of his advisers has resigned after making fun of a party allegedly held on Downing Street on December 18.

This week Boris Johnson apologized and announced the internal investigation of Britain’s top civil servant Simon Case.Effects“For those who do not respect the rules. According to his spokesman, the Prime Minister has renewed his confidence in his communications chief Jack Doyle, who presented the awards during the December 18 event.