June 2, 2023

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They wanted to sell their house, but found that both rooms actually belonged to a neighbor

A couple wanted to sell their house they bought five years ago, and they found a nasty surprise.

In economic crisis, a couple living in Hennessy, Belgium, recently decided to sell their house and bought in 2016 for 210,000 euros.

After renovations there, the owners make an appointment with a notary to assess the value of their property.

Most “He looked at the plans and he told me there was a problem., Says Michael Sudinfo. “At first, I thought it was a joke.”, He continues. The problem raised is really significant: the two rooms in their house do not belong to them!

The bedroom, which they have completely renovated, and the floor are legally … their neighbor’s property.

“Otherwise I would not have signed”

Their solution: Free exchange of these two rooms, negotiate the integrated parts of their housing with the neighbor.

So far no agreement has been signed. Michael also promised that if he failed, he and his wife would not want to stop there if necessary against the notaries who started the deed of sale 5 years ago.

“Not specified by the notaries when signing the deed, otherwise I would not have signed”, He accuses

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