June 1, 2023

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Things to remember from Friday 27th May

Russian forces continue their offensive in the Donbass on Friday, May 27, tightening the noose around a large gathering in this region of eastern Ukraine. The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court has called on Moscow to co-operate in the investigation into alleged war crimes since the beginning of the invasion.

Here is what to remember that day.

Separatists say Lyman was captured

In the Telegram, pro-Russian separatists in Donetsk said they had “Under full control” From Lyman, units from the other secluded area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLuhansk assisted and “Support” Of the Russian Armed Forces.

The capture of Lyman would open the way for Russian forces to reach the regional bases of Sloviansk and later Kramatorsk, while the Ukrainians would have access to the entire siege formed by the other two major cities to the east, the two major cities of Chevrodonetsk and Lysitshansk. .

Severodonetsk caught a sub

Several weeks after the shelling, the city of Chevrodonetsk did not appear to be close enough to fall into the hands of Russian forces. Rejecting the total siege, the head of the city’s Ukrainian administration acknowledged the situation “Very difficult”. “Nearly two-thirds of the city’s perimeter is occupied by the enemy, but it is not surrounded.”He said “90% of residential buildings” The city was damaged.

At least five civilians were killed in the area in 24 hours: four in Chevroletonetsk and another in Komichovka, 50 kilometers away. The last real road to leave this accumulation from Lyssytchansk has become a battlefield in recent days, making it almost impossible for residents to leave.

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There is only one country route to reach or search for supplies in other parts of Ukraine, where even tanks or military trucks find it difficult to travel.

Zhelensky accuses Moscow of “genocide” in Donbass

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky on Thursday evening blamed Moscow “Genocide” In Donbass. “Current offensive by occupiers in Donbass could evacuate part of its civilians.”He, in his daily video message, accused the Russians of trying “Ashes” Chevrodonetsk and other cities in this old mining area. Russian forces are operating “Deportations” And “Civilian massacres”He continued.

In April, the Ukrainian parliament passed a resolution already outlined “Genocide” Actions of the Russian Army. US President Joe Biden has used this expression, while his French President Emmanuel Macron refuses to do so.

For its part, Moscow justified its invasion of Ukraine on February 24 “Genocide” The Ukrainians will act against the Russian-speaking people of Donbass.

Strikes on Dinipro

The war continues in other parts of Ukraine. On Friday, Russian missiles targeted a military base on the Dnieper River in the large city of Dnieper in central-eastern Ukraine. “We condemn a dozen deaths and 30 to 35 casualties.”The city’s defense chief told a local channel that all of the victims were soldiers.

At dawn, aerial alarm sirens sounded again in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second city, about 50 km east of the Russian border. The previous day’s shelling had killed 9 people and injured 19, and all civilians, according to kyiv, have been trying to get the city back to normal since mid-May.

ICC prosecutor calls on Russia to co-operate

“My door is open”. In an interview with the AFP, the lawyer for the International Criminal Court called on Moscow to co-operate in the investigation into alleged war crimes since the invasion.

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Neither Russia nor Ukraine are members of the ICC, but have accepted the jurisdiction of the Kiev Court and work with the Office of the Attorney General in the investigation of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in its territory.

Despite refusing to say whether Russian President Vladimir Putin could be a suspect, lawyer Kareem Khan insisted that the perpetrators of war crimes could be brought to justice.