April 1, 2023

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Things to remember from Sunday, September 25

Penalties for those fleeing Moscow were tougher and hundreds of protesters were arrested on SaturdayRussian officials promised to fix it “Errors” After calls from the public, the exemptions are said to be part of the mobilization ordered by President Vladimir Putin. On the war front in Ukraine, The fight continues. Here’s what to remember from Sunday, September 25.

Russia admits ‘mistakes’ during mobilization

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Wednesday a “partial” mobilization of reservists to go to Ukraine, insisting only those with military experience or capability. “relevant” will be called But several cases of those past combat age, sick or exempt, have sparked outrage on social media and embarrassment and concern from officials. Russian officials on Sunday promised to fix these “Errors”.

Pro-Russian officials accuse Ukraine of attacking a hotel in the south

Pro-Russian officials accused Kiev forces of firing a missile at a hotel in the Russian-occupied southern Ukraine city of Kherson on Sunday, killing two people, including a former MP. Oleksiy Zoravko. These claims could not immediately be independently verified.

According to pro-Russian officials, journalists from Russian media were also present at the hotel during the strike. According to Russian state channel RT, it released images showing one of its cameramen being pulled from the rubble.

Ukraine condemns new attack by Iranian drones on Odessa

The port city of Odessa (southern Ukraine) was hit again by Russian forces with Iranian-made drones, Ukrainian military officials said on Sunday, without reporting casualties.

It was the second Russian attack in two days against the strategic city on the Black Sea, using Iranian drones, after Friday’s killing of two civilians, according to Ukraine, raising tensions between Kiev and Tehran.

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A Briton captured in Ukraine describes his ordeal

One of the five Britons held in Ukraine returned to the UK after a prisoner swap between Moscow and Kiev, an interview with a British tabloid has revealed. the sun (in English) Beaten and forced to sing the Russian national anthem in custody. At the age of 28, Aidan Azlin was taken prisoner in Ukraine, where he fought for Q, and was sentenced to death for being a mercenary.

He told the newspaper he spent five months in 1.20m by 1.80m cells infested with cockroaches and lice, with no daylight except when he was taken out to shoot campaign videos or to communicate with the UK Foreign Office. Aidan Aslin Thanks “From the Bottom of the Heart” Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich – under UK and EU sanctions – for his role in freeing the British Five.

Israel accepted and treated wounded Ukrainian soldiers

The Israeli ambassador in Kiev announced Sunday that the Jewish state will take 20 Ukrainian soldiers to treat 20 Ukrainian soldiers wounded during the seven-month conflict with Russian forces. “The first two will arrive in Israel today and receive treatment at Tel Hashomer Hospital” near Tel Aviv, Mikhail Brodsky, who will be in office in Kyiv from July 2021, said on Twitter. “Treatment includes prostheses and rehabilitation”He adds.

After the invasion of Ukraine, Israel, which took a cautious stance and maintained privileged relations with both countries, refrained from supplying Ukraine with weapons but sent self-defense equipment, including helmets and vests.