June 3, 2023

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This disco prohibits viewing of others without prior permission

It’s a decision heralded by a very serious report from a controversial nightclub in Australia. Henceforth, attempting to attract the attention of another customer by simple appearance without prior permission will be prohibited.

A simple yes that falls under appearance, no without consent. This will now be the duty of the customers of Club 77, a nightclub located in Sydney, Australia.

The nightclub has actually changed its security and anti-harassment policy. She pointed out that she would now expel anyone who stares at someone without their prior permission.

Club 77 indicates that it does not prohibit flirting, but it must be done with the consent of the two future lovebirds. More clearly, a customer who wants to flirt in this nightclub must verbally ask permission from the person of his choice.

Controversial decision

Any appearance is permitted without this prior agreement. For this, the club said that they have appointed an additional security team with pink uniforms.

Of course, this announcement was received differently. It is also controversial The other side of the earth. But faced with reserved media treatment for their decision, the establishment’s owners had to fend for themselves. “Unfortunately, there are people at the club who do not share our values ​​and ethos around culture, consent and harassment. Creating a safe space goes beyond implementing procedures to deal with incidents after they happen”. Management is obligated to “educate new participants and help them understand what is considered unacceptable behavior on stage and on the dance floor.”

“We’re a small venue that really focuses on electronic music and culture. Having a safe space allows everyone to have fun,” add Club 77’s owners.

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