May 30, 2023

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Trois-Rivières: Death of a young man from Saint-Rose

It’s a new play that spoils the night: a young Saint-Rosean dies at Sopodill, Trois-Riviers, not far from a dam.

A young Saint-Rosian died at night, this Tuesday, November 23, in Sabot, Trois-Rivers, not far from a dam, confirming the province. She refers to death, but not directly linked to the ongoing struggle. One of the hypotheses put forward was that he was the victim of a scooter theft.

At present, no information has been filtered about the exact circumstances of the tragedy. An investigation has been launched. Basse-Terre’s attorney was in charge of the case.
According to Xavier Cicad, attorney for the Republic of Passo-Terre, “the investigation into the cause of death has been handed over to the Research Division.”

According to firefighters at the scene, he sustained injuries to his left side, the origin of which has not been determined. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

It will be the brother of singer Nishi. Who lost another of his brothers in a road accident in Saint-Rose a few months ago.

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